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Football Norman

At the start of the football season my grandson asked me to come up to see him play if they got to the finals of the youth cup.

This was some months ago and I had forgotten, when one day I get a call from my grandson, “ book your ticket grandad we are there”. I don’t very often see him play so a promise is a promise.

It was an easy journey

I duly set off for Croydon on Sunday 19th April, a drive which is not difficult, but I hate going into traffic. Before I knew it, I was passing the exit for Gatwick airport on the M23. I pulled onto my son’s forecourt feeling pleased that I had had an easy journey.

They scored within ten minutes!

In no time it was time to go to the pitch about half an hour away. It seemed an age till the boys came out onto the pitch. After presentations and handshakes for the players it was kick off time. Right from the off I sensed a new resolve from the boys and they set about the task in hand. Within ten minutes we scored and that really got them going.

Such determination from everyone!

We should have been four goals up but for the brilliance of the opposition’s goalkeeper. They came out second half and carried on from the first, with more effort and determination.

It eventually paid off and the boys scored a second goal. They kept things tight and when the final whistle blew Warlingham colts had one the cup. This was quite some achievement having won the league as well. So I kept my promise and I was glad to see them achieve such a positive result!

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