Alison Napier

A useful tool in social work (and indeed in life) is to be able to hold an assortment of different versions of reality in your head at the same time. And that is what is going on here in New Normal land at the moment.

Su B Eczema

A few weeks ago I wrote about how transplanting bacteria from a healthy person’s gut to someone suffering from irritable bowel or other digestive problems can dramatically improve their health.

Depression Su B

Two of my patients went to see their GPs last week, one for back pain and one for digestive problems. Both were sent away with prescriptions for antidepressants.

Su B ten a day

So this is the new way to live forever, according to the latest guidelines.

Dementia Su b
It’s a thing we all worry about these days, as we get older, and it’s now overtaken heart attacks as a major cause of death in the UK.

Valentines Day Su B

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Though of course, people are less likely to need aphrodisiacs in spring, when the sap is rising and – as the joke goes – ‘young men’s fancy turns to what young women have been thinking of all year’.

Article water Su B
No, it’s not about drinking two litres of water every day; I hope that myth has now been thoroughly busted.

Gut bacteria Su B

The more we learn about the millions of micro-organisms living inside us, the more important they come to seem.

Su B herb drug artilce

For a lot of people, the first step into herbal medicine is when they get fed up with HRT or antidepressants or whatever, and try to find something in the herb world that will do the job without the side-effects.

Turmeric Su B

‘Turmeric – the most powerful herb on the planet!’ says one of the ads I’ve just trawled through.

SU B Circulation

Starting to feel the cold? Now is the time when the lovely warming spices come into their own: ginger, cinnamon, cloves, allspice.

 Amanda 8 things

My son recently wrote about the ten things he had learnt since he started in work in marketing and it got me thinking!

Su B wine

Hippocras: the clue is in the name. It’s basically mulled wine, but the quantities of spices that go into it are enough to give it real medicinal qualities.

Su B Salt

…But the trouble is, we take much more than just a pinch.

Alison N Ep 16

In social work we used to do '6-month Reviews' where we cast our eyes back at where we had come from and where we seemed to have landed up. (Other definitions are available!)

Su B Coping Christmas

Of course, it comes around every year, but the cycle of feasting followed by ‘detox’, or insane overconsumption of rich foods and then complete abstinence, just when you need some solid sustenance to get you through the winter, is neither good for man nor beast.

Alison Napier

You could not make it up. Already I was writing the headline. 'Cancer victim in midst of chemotherapy served eviction notice two weeks before Christmas.'

Su B Vaccinations
Thinking of a winter break somewhere warm and sunny? Then you’ll be heading to places where various vaccines may be either advised, or required.

Alison Napier

0800: Wake up and realise that I am half blind. Put on specs. Now only quarter blind. Right eye is glued shut and red and puffy and dribbly. Yeugh.

 Alison Napier New Normal

Armour on, weapons primed, bullets at the ready, let battle commence, because cancer is aggressive and sometimes deadly and there is a fight to be fought.