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Yes, it’s another garden nuisance, growing like crazy at the moment, flowering and setting seed almost before you have time to blink. But like a lot of vigorous weeds, it has benefits to offer us.

Couch Grass Su BIf you’re a gardener, you probably think that Couch Grass (Agropyron repens) is just a nightmare.

Su B nuts

It’s a very confusing picture. In the first place, a lot of the foods we call ‘nuts’ are not nuts at all in the botanical sense: you probably know that about peanuts, but it’s also true of almonds, pecans, walnuts, pistachios and Brazil nuts.

Jan Hotter

Hotter Hereford Store Manager Jan Paton probably never considered herself inspirational, but when she sent us a photo of her latest craft creations we knew there was a very special story to be discovered.

Primroses Su B

Right now, Devon is full of primroses. The common primrose, Primula vulgaris, is one of those early spring flowers, like sweet violet and coltsfoot, that have a particular virtue in soothing coughs and sore throats.

Su B Stomach

I talked last week about acid reflux, and the medications that are often used to control it.

Acid Reflux

A patient rang me this week to see if there was anything I could do about acid reflux. ‘I’ve always had it,’ she told me, ‘But it’s got worse recently.’

Su Bristow

There’s an interesting new piece of research just out.

Latest Hay Fever Su B

Hay fever season is almost upon us.

 Anne Harvey Heart

In just a short time, my beloved husband has gone from someone who hasn’t had a day’s sickness for many, many years, didn’t go to the doctors’ unless there was no alternative and wouldn’t even take headache tablets unless absolutely necessary, to someone who now takes eight tablets a day and will have to do so for the rest of his life.

Su B Hormones

I’ve just been to a seminar giving updates on the latest thinking about female hormones, and what we can do about it when things do not run smoothly.


Alison Napier

A useful tool in social work (and indeed in life) is to be able to hold an assortment of different versions of reality in your head at the same time. And that is what is going on here in New Normal land at the moment.

Su B Eczema

A few weeks ago I wrote about how transplanting bacteria from a healthy person’s gut to someone suffering from irritable bowel or other digestive problems can dramatically improve their health.

Depression Su B

Two of my patients went to see their GPs last week, one for back pain and one for digestive problems. Both were sent away with prescriptions for antidepressants.

Su B ten a day

So this is the new way to live forever, according to the latest guidelines.

Dementia Su b
It’s a thing we all worry about these days, as we get older, and it’s now overtaken heart attacks as a major cause of death in the UK.

Valentines Day Su B

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Though of course, people are less likely to need aphrodisiacs in spring, when the sap is rising and – as the joke goes – ‘young men’s fancy turns to what young women have been thinking of all year’.

Article water Su B
No, it’s not about drinking two litres of water every day; I hope that myth has now been thoroughly busted.

Gut bacteria Su B

The more we learn about the millions of micro-organisms living inside us, the more important they come to seem.

Su B herb drug artilce

For a lot of people, the first step into herbal medicine is when they get fed up with HRT or antidepressants or whatever, and try to find something in the herb world that will do the job without the side-effects.