Su B Nettle pesto

Nettles are springing out of the ground right now as the weather gets milder, fresh and juicy and full of useful minerals and vitamins.

Traditional British Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble Recipe

Do you enjoy making crumbles? This is one of my all time favourites.


Burns Night recipes

At Crabbie’s we’re doing Burns Night right – with a brand new Scottish menu created especially for the occasion.

Tina B Mince pies

I usually make these every year and they are so delicious, they soon disappear!

Su B Vegetarianism

Simple; just don’t eat meat. That’s where it starts with young children, full of ideals – and peer pressure – when they discover that eating meat involves killing animals.

 Ovaltine Article

When my sixteen-year old son asked me to buy Ovaltine, I was not only surprised, I was suspicious.

Charf Bill Sewell

The rhubarb is thrusting vigorously upwards and our chard which was looking very moth-eaten after the winter has started bursting with new growth. So last weekend we had 2 springly, kingly snacks. 

Risotto Bill S

Thank you Bill for your latest recipe. As you say. 'This is the most delicious and comforting dish for leftover roast chicken. In fact I’d never make it unless I had leftover roast chicken. Surprisingly it doesn’t really matter how much meat you’ve left on the bird.'

Bill Brownies

Well. These are extraordinarily good brownies. Chocolatey and deliciously gooey but with just a trace of salty graininess.

Helena Riverford

I was thrilled when I heard I'd won a box of organic produce from Riverford through the website OAPSchat.


I love the way that recipes change and adapt and the change and adaptation is always part of a story. When we first started making brown bread at The Place Below we used a recipe from the lovely Ian Burleigh.


Photo copyright Riverford

I was delighted to receive a Riverford organic food box containing EVERYTHING I need to make three tasty and nutritious meals for two people.*

Chicken dish

This is a great and very tasty if you are busy. Easy to prepare and cooked in about an hour. Do try it!

Chelsea Buns

I am delighted to welcome Bill Sewell of Cafe at All Saints, Hereford and MichaelHouse Cambridge with his latest recipe to share with us. As Bill states:-

Michel BRU C cake

For those of you who have yet to make your Christmas cake, this is a quick and easy one. Worth keeping the recipe for 2016!

Tina recipe marz

Got all the ingredients to make my special chocolates again this year. Chocolate marzipan cherries.

Bill pork

I am delighted to welcome Bill Sewell of Cafe at All Saints, Hereford and  MichaelHouse Cambridge. Bill is going to be sharing some of his delicious recipes with us. We are starting with a pork dish. As Bill states  'Pulled pork isn’t pretty but goodness it’s delicious. Proper caveman food.'

adrienne laverick

The winning entry for The Forum Recipe Competition "Share a Recipe, Win a Prize!" has been won by Adrienne Laverick. I spent an afternoon making the delicious soup myself. It is a great value for money lunchtime or light evening meal.

Amandai Apples

When you have an apple tree in the garden there comes a point in the year when you have to deal with it! Some years there is only a limited amount of fruit but other years there is a massive crop!

Choc Michel

Here is a recipe to share with you for October. I hope you enjoy making and eating this fabulous desert!