legally Blonde

Photo copyright Viva

Viva dazzled us yet again with another vibrantly energized musical production in the Brook last night. It was fantastic!

Fifteen To One

Photo copyright Remedy Productions C4

It is a cold wet January morning and I am bored.

Valentines concertCellist Pavlos Carvalho  Pianist Warren Mailley-Smith and Soprano Susan Parkes

The Valentine’s Concert in Ely Cathedral on February 11th was the eighth annual visit by Warren Mailley-Smith and co musicians and it was one of the finest.


Viva’s performance of ‘Shakers’ in the Brook at Soham on Thursday 9th February was fantastic.

Courtyard event

We are putting on a Moving Pictures event for people aged 55+ at the Courtyard.

Antony Peebles

Antony Peebles.Photo reproduced with permission.

Ex-Trinity College Cambridge student and experienced performer and teacher, Antony Peebles, gave a splendid piano recital as part of the King’s School Ely Concert Series in the Hayward Theatre on Thursday.

Railway children

Photo copyright Max Openshaw

The Kings School is known for its high standard of productions and the Junior School’s presentation of ‘The Railway Children’ was as delightful as expected.

Czech Orchestra

The concert given by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra in Cambridge Corn Exchange on Tuesday was splendid.

BrittenSynphoniaR West

Britten Sinfonia Orchestra Photo copyright Harry Rankin

Elgar’s ‘The Dream of Gerontius’ in Ely Cathedral on Saturday was magnificent.

Carolin Ely Rose West

Photo taken and reproduced with permission from Lennard Ruehle

After a fascinating talk by James Williams, Managing Director of The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the orchestra gave a splendid concert in Cambridge Corn Exchange on Saturday.

Gershwin Concert R Westwell

Ely Sinfonia members, under the directorship of Steve Bingham, were excellent on Saturday when they performed works by Bernstein, Gershwin and Aaron Copland in Ely Cathedral.

Chatteris Music

There is a very good reason why Chatteris Music Society is becoming more and more successful: it is providing fantastic concerts.

Rosemary Westwell article

Ian de Massini, Cambridge Voices and The Orchestra of the Age of Reason are rare musicians of undoubted talent and exceptional perception.

Boules article

You must have seen it, in Spain and in France too. In cities, towns and villages.

Building Ely

The Cantata Eliensis tells the story of the building of Ely Cathedral.

Lesley Garrett Cambridge

Lesley Garrett and Sarah Macdonald

‘A Summer Celebration’ in Ely Cathedral last Saturday must be one of the major highlights of the year and it certainly celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Ely Cathedral Girls’ Choir magnificently.

Sweeney Todd

Photo copyright Mark Cooney from Spotted in Ely

Viva’s production of ‘Sweeney Todd’ at the Brook in Soham was a fine production.

Don't Stop Bel

I am delighted to be taking part in this concert at The Courtyard in Hereford on 27th and 28th May 2016.

Evelyn Glennie

Dame Evelyn Glennie. Photo copyright Jim Callaghan

As part of the Cambridge Classical Concert Series, renowned percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie entertained an enthralled audience in the Corn Exchange in Cambridge on Tuesday 26th April 2016.

Courtyard Gospel Choir

 The majestic voices of the South African Gospel Choir will be performing at The Courtyard, Hereford on Saturday 14 May at 7.30pm.

Ralph Tickets

 I am a massive fan of Ralph Mctell as many of you know. He is appearing at The Royal Albert Hall on May 12th and I shall be going.

Barbara H

After an early marriage and divorce, I put all my energies into my work. I’m sure there are many single older women who did the same, and like me wonder when they retire if there is still time to find another partner.

/Cambridge concert

Daniel Bell. Photo reproduced with permission from Andrew Burton

What a wonderful night’s entertainment! This familiar tale was retold with all that you need: excellent cast, lively up-dated music, amazing dancing and those corny gags so familiar to pantomime.

Cambridge concert

Gautier Capuçon Photo reproduced with permission from Andrew Burton

This 'Cambridge Live' first birthday celebration concert can be summarized in two words: 'positively exquisite'.

Ian Messini

Photo reproduced with permission from Andrew Burton

Ian de Massini and the Cambridge Voices are well known to Ely Cathedral for when they come their concert is quickly a sell-out and it is easy to see why. There is no doubt that Ian is a musical genius and it was he who inspired the Cambridge Bachfest last weekend.

Joy L Plaza

How many times have you admired a ‘common,’ ‘green’ or formal ‘square’ in your life? Plenty, I’ll bet. Even amid many an urban sprawl of crowded houses, seemingly gasping for space, there appears a modest patch of green: a welcome, sometimes desperate lung, amidst the brick-work.

June Tate

I was in a restaurant the other day with a friend. Looking round I said to her, 'Dear God! This place is full of old people!' Then I started to laugh. The diners were all around my age and maybe a little younger!

 Phil P band

We were on our way back from a gig with a trip home of 150 miles or so. As is often the case on these late night journeys, we were reviewing the night's business: how we'd been received, how the audience had been, how energetic the dancers had been (for their age!), how loud that group over in the corner had been, etc.

Fiona Joseph

The Women’s Institute, Townswomen’s Guild, University of the Third Age, Rotary, Probus, Inner Wheel, Tangent, Friendship Circles … Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Guest Speaker at one of these groups?

Deb Flint

Yes this week, Children’s BBC – the live links in between the shows – turned 30. Two weeks after Phillip Schofield went on air in 1985, I went for an audition at the TV Centre and was told shortly after afterwards that I’d be stepping in when Phillip needed cover.



Laithwaite's Wine are hosting their flagship event Laithwaite's LIVE in London next week, and it's set to be their biggest and best yet. In celebration of founder Tony Laithwaite's 50th year in wine, they are pulling out all the stops and bringing over 100 winemakers from 15 countries and dozens of regions. It will take place at the marvellous Great Halls of Vinopolis, sadly for the last time before moving venue next year, so don't miss out!

Pauline Jazz 

Janice said she would like to hear more from me so you can blame her for this! I was widowed almost 5 years ago after a long and very happy marriage. I felt lost and bereft and felt my life was over.

 Deb Flint China

I am delighted to welcome back Debbie Flint, a presenter of QVC. Debbie has  been to China to train QVC presenters and she has very kindly agreed to answer some questions for us.

Tottie view

There was such a sad story in the paper earlier this week which someone shared on Facebook. A man of 98 and hie wife of 86 were found shot dead in their home in France. Early signs indicate it was a murder-suicide.

Rosy Wedding Day 1989 in Exmouth

It was our special Anniversary on September 1st. And as I am 68, and my husband Mick 64, we decided to have a big party, and have our marriage blessed on the same weekend.

A School Reunion In Newcastle

The years of 1956/57/58 saw some of the first pupils arrive at a very new grammar school, which had been built to serve an area to the north east of Newcastle.