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 Christmas Celebration Margaret

Sophie Duffy, Cathie Hartigan and I all love Christmas, so we thought we would write a little gift book which would offer our readers something for everyone, believer or non-believer, home-lover or holiday-maker, host or guest.

Our collection of short stories celebrates all the various aspects of this very special time of year.

We take you to St Paul’s Cathedral for the perfect carol service, to a parish church for a more intimate and personal celebration, on a ski-ing holiday for singletons, down London’s Oxford Street on Christmas Eve, into a cosy family home which might welcome a newcomer or might not, and - well, we’ve tried to cover everything!

We wanted to write a book that would appeal to all age groups and kinds of readers, so we’ve also included some puzzles and quizzes, some very easy and a few that are quite challenging.

We hope you will enjoy reading our book as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Christmas Celebration Margaret

A Christmas Celebration is available to buy as an ebook or paperback from Amazon.

Lead photo Left to right - Sophie Duffy, Cathie Hartigan and Margaret James getting in the mood for a great Christmas at a winter party for writers held in London.

Meet The Author...
Margaret James
Who Am I?

I’m a British writer of historical and contemporary fiction. I’m also a journalist working for the UK’s Writing Magazine and I teach creative writing for the London School of Journalism. I was born in Hereford, but now I live in Devon at the seaside, which is great because it means when I am stuck for a plot I can always go for a walk along the beach and be inspired!

My latest novel is a contemporary romantic comedy, Magic Sometimes Happens.

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