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Eric Lennick

 Eric, Sydney with a Y Lennick, surprised himself at the age of 87, by writing his, unexpurgated…autobiography in long-hand (dutifully typed by his wife).

It covers the 20’s, when he was born – in 1928, when the world was in a bit of a stew to put it mildly. While the Germans were again flexing their war muscles and building their armoury after the defeat of World War 1, there was a terrible depression which affected most parts of the world. Conditions for the working classes in particular were often dire, but fortunately little Eric didn’t starve (he recalls “plenty of chicken soup”…)

Eric L

Table laid ready with Eric's books

Born to Jewish parents in the East End of London: his mother hard-working and loyal, his father fickle and selfish, Eric found himself the only male among three women – having two sisters - and assumed the ‘man of the house’ mantle at an early age, when his father '”did a runner” when Eric was eight years old.

This was to mould him into a practical, confident young man in the future

Eric taliking to potential friends and customers - Janette Davies and myself looking on!

Indelible in history, World War 11 broke out in 1939 and Eric re-lives his evacuation experiences with humour, which stood him in good stead during hard and frightening times. Unfortunate for their house, but fortunate for the family, who were in Bury St.Edmunds at the time, their modest home was almost flattened by a landmine and they had to be re-housed.

Partially at home during the London Blitz, when he returned from Bury St. Edmunds aged fourteen, Eric had to find work, and became a Jack of All Trades (no Careers Offices then, or a father to guide him).

He took a series of jobs and worked hard

Eric L

Janette and I engaged in a 'happy' conversation!

With an excellent memory, Eric recalls the history of the times, his contemporaries, several interesting characters and adventures…With peace, came conscription into the Army. Delighted, he had missed the action, he eventually found himself in a demoralized and battered Germany, and was also based in Vienna.

This was a huge and memorable experience in his young life (especially being arrested by some Russians…). One which he never forgot

Demobbed, his great love of music carried him forward through eventful, happy years, during which he met his future wife. After marriage, came travel abroad, when they lived in Canada for eighteen months, returning to settle again in the UK.

Eric L

Eric explaining to a customer why she should buy his book maybe??!

Fatherhood followed, but I shall stop there, otherwise you won’t buy the book… If you enjoy social history, being entertained and amused, you’ll really like A LIFE WORTH LIVING.

A LIFE WORTH LIVING is available from Amazon, Kindle and CreateSpace and was published by Quirky Girl Publishing.

EDITOR:- Read more about Quirky Girl Publishing here. All photos copyright Gyula Friewald. Reproduced with permission.

Meet The Author...
Joy Lennick
Who Am I?

Most important 'jobs:' wife and mother to three sons. Hooked on reading and writing from a young age (wrote a simple play in junior school: acted on the stage). Joined the library at seven and that was it; the love affair continues...

First worked as a junior secretary, then secretary. Favourite job: A publishing company, Kaye & Ward in the City of London.

Apart from the odd poem, letter and article in magazines, and one poem read on Bournemouth radio, had various poems published in anthologies and won a few prizes. Ran my own Poetry Club for a while. Published: Celtic Cameos & Other Poems.

Factual books published: Running Your Own Small Hotel, & Jobs in Baking & Confectionery (Kogan Page Ltd., London), Updated two other author's books. As Biographer:Hurricane Halsey (True adventure), Memoir: My Gentle War; Faction novel: The Catalyst. Several short stories published in WordPlay anthologies (one winning lst prize through 'Writing' magazine as the best writing circle anthology of 2012 in the UK). A Group Leader for Creative Writing for the U3A group in Torrevieja, Spain.
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