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Girl Red Velvet

Thank you for inviting me to chat to you about my new novel, Jan. It’s great to be here on OAPSchat, one of my favourite websites!

 Girl Velvet

My latest novel for Choc Lit is Girl in Red Velvet, which was published in ebook format on 25th April 2017. It’s set in 1960s Oxford where I lived and worked for several years while I was in my teens and early twenties. I’m sure you’ll remember visiting me and checking out various pubs in the neighbourhood!

When the story begins it’s 1966 and Lily Denham is seventeen, all set to begin her studies at Oxford University. On her first day she meets best friends Harry Gale and Max Farley, who look very similar but are very different in character. While Harry is studious and hardworking, Max is restless and adventurous, and it quickly becomes clear that being a student in Oxford is unlikely to interest him for long.

Lily soon realises she is falling in love with both of her new-found friends, men who might offer Lily two very different futures. Harry would probably make a dream husband. But Max embodies the spirit of the sixties, being adventurous, rebellious, madly attractive and a little bit dangerous, too.

Lily makes lots of mistakes and finds she has to pay for them. But I hope that in the end I give everyone what they deserve and of course their own personal happy-ever-afters!

EDITOR: Girl in Red Velvet is available to buy as an ebook from Amazon, Kobo and more information about Margaret and her other books can be found on the Choc Lit website.

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Meet The Author...
Margaret James
Who Am I?

I’m a British writer of historical and contemporary fiction. I’m also a journalist working for the UK’s Writing Magazine and I teach creative writing for the London School of Journalism. I was born in Hereford, but now I live in Devon at the seaside, which is great because it means when I am stuck for a plot I can always go for a walk along the beach and be inspired!

My latest novel is a contemporary romantic comedy, Magic Sometimes Happens.

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