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June Tate

I have been asked to write about my latest novel, Brides of War, published on the 23rd of April.

I was a small child in WW2 living in Southampton, where thousands of troops of all nationalities were either stationed or passed through just before D Day. There were hundreds of GI's stationed in the town and around the country. This led to many women marrying them and at the end of the war, they sailed away from their home towns to settle across the ocean in a strange country.

Many women had been lied to and fed "tall stories" by their spouses so when they did arrive in the States, the reality of their situation was very different. My novel tells the story of two such women.

Gracie, from a working class family, marries Jeff, a salesman in civilian life. To begin their married life in Denver Colorado, they have to live with his parents. The mother is resentful of her new daughter in law and there is a brother that Jeff has failed to mention and whom he hates.

To add to their troubles, Gracie learns that her husband is a gambler!

Valerie, the other GI bride is from a well to do family and marries Ross a lawyer who works in his farther's firm. In New York City.

Valerie's mother in law, holds a dinner for the bride in her penthouse, but as soon as Valerie meets her, knows they will never be friends and discovers that she'd planned for Ross to marry a daughter of her wealthy friend. A girl who is still hanging around!
The problems that face these two women are many as they learn more about their husbands. Can their marriages survive?

There was a lot of research involved for the background to this story. I had to find the details as to what was required by the authorities to allow women to marry American troops. New York I knew well, but I had to research Denver. Weather, geographical location. And of course, the details of WW2. I do enjoy this part of my job and am diligent about the details. The satisfaction of seeing it in print is great reward for my many hours of work and when my readers write to me, I'm thrilled.

Brides of War

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June Tate
Author: June Tate
Who Am I?

June Tate was born in Southampton where many of her novels are set. After leaving school and training as a hairdresser she worked on cruise ships the Queen Mary and the Mauritania, meeting many Hollywood film stars and VIP’s on her travels.

After her marriage to an airline pilot, she briefly lived in Portugal. June, who has two adult daughters, now lives in West Sussex. Was Chairman of the West Sussex Writers’ Club for three years and has held teaching seminars in Italy, Corfu and Winchester University. She is now a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and has written eighteen novels.

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