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I would like to thank Jan and Oapschat for inviting me to promote my latest book. DI Ted Darling is a brand new type of detective with a unique style. Perfect if you are looking for a different type of read. Shut Up And Drive is the fourth book in the series.

A serial sex attacker is spreading fear in Stockport and DI Ted Darling and his team are on the case. The man randomly targets young women and abducts them from busy supermarket car parks. He's armed with a knife and is clearly highly trained in how to handle it.

Ever-dwindling police resources make the manhunt even harder, even though the attacker clearly doesn't care whether or not he's caught. All his victims say he's dead behind the eyes.

As the gripping thriller nears its climax, the dangerous predator becomes even more ruthless and his actions threaten the lives of more than one of the team members.

DI Ted Darling Book 4 Shut Up And Drive can be pre-ordered here. All of the previous books in the series can be bought from Amazon.

EDITOR: The article, When I'm Old And Grey, DI Ted Darling Book 3 can be found here.

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Tottie Limejuice
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Lesley Krier Tither writes travel memoirs under the name Tottie Limejuice and crime novels as L M Krier. She is also the author of a self-help guide to getting free publicity through the media for any type of project.

A former journalist and freelance copywriter/copy editor, she has also worked for the Crown Prosecution Service as a case tracker. Lesley's latest book and début crime novel, Baby's Got Blue Eyes, was published in February 2015.

Now retired, Lesley writes full time and lives in central France with her two rescued border collies. She enjoys walking, camping and organic gardening.

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