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Love me for a reason

Love doesn’t always have to make sense …

When Daisy Penvean meets Nathaniel Dalton whilst visiting a friend in Nashville, it seems there are a million and one reasons for them not to be together. Nathaniel’s job as a mergers and acquisitions manager means sharp suits and immaculate hair, whereas Daisy’s work as a children’s book illustrator lends itself to a more carefree, laidback style.

And, as Daisy lives in England, there’s also the small matter of the Atlantic Ocean between them

But when Nathaniel’s job takes him to London to oversee the merger of a small publisher with a large American company, he and Daisy meet again under very different circumstances. Because Daisy works for the publisher involved in the deal, and if Nathaniel does his job, it could mean she loses hers …

Do read my interview with Jan here.

EDITOR: Angela is very kindly offering an e copy of Long Distance Love as a prize in a future raffle. Details will be on the website soon. Many thanks Angela. There is also a lovely interview I did with Angela to read on the website. Please click here.

Meet The Author...
Angela Britnell
Who Am I?

Angela was born in Cornwall, England and joined what was then the Women’s Royal Naval Service to work as a Naval Secretary before she met her husband, a US Naval Flight Officer, while being based at a small NATO Headquarters on the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark.

They lived in Denmark, Sicily, California, southern Maryland and London before settling with their 3 sons in Franklin, Tennessee. Angela took a creative writing course in 2000 and loved it so much that she has barely put her pen down since.

She has had many short stories and novels published in both the US and UK.

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