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Rose leaves her Cornwall café in the capable hands of Hannah, to search in the sweltering slums of Kolkata, India, for her daughter Ellie who has been on a gap year but failed to return.

All Rose knows is she’s trying to help the Dalits, the community of Untouchables. Ellie has always had a difficult relationship with her mother and is less than welcoming when Rose arrives and only grudgingly allows her to help.

But then Ellie returns to England and Rose stays, feels she cannot abandon the children. 
In the daily struggle for survival, she is often brought to her knees, but finds strength to overcome the poverty and disease, grows to love the Dalit community she helps. She falls in love with Kishan and is devastated when he is killed by a bomb.

The urge to go home is strong but it is the children who hold her. She cannot leave them

When she discovers Hannah’s pot-smoking mother has been living in the café and the place is at risk of being torched by drug barons, she flies home, to discover the place has been closed down by the Environmental Health Officer. Desperately she works to reverse the order.

Finally, she has to make the terrible choice between her daughter, who now needs her, and the Dalit children, who need her more.

Outcast is available to buy as an e book on Amazon, it is also on Kobo, Apple, Nook and Smashwords.

Meet The Author...
Dianne Angela Noble
Who Am I?

I think I became a reader before I could walk. While other people had childhood memories, I amassed a vocabulary. I was born into a service family and at the tender age of seven found myself on the Dunera, a troopship, sailing for a three year posting to Singapore. So began a lifetime of wandering – and fifteen different schools. Teen years living in Cyprus, before partition, when the country was swarming with handsome UN soldiers, and then marriage to a Civil Engineer who whisked me away to the Arabian Gulf.

Most of the following years were spent as a single parent with an employment history which ranged from the British Embassy in Bahrain to a goods picker, complete with steel toe-capped boots, in an Argos warehouse. In between I earned my keep as a cashier in Barclays, a radio presenter and a café proprietor on the sea front in Penzance.

Ten years ago I flew to Kolkata, West Bengal as a volunteer to teach English to street children in the slums. I stayed for several months and kept a journal, primarily so that I could download the horrors I saw daily. A kind of de-briefing. Not that it was all bad, the children had a huge capacity for happiness which was truly humbling.

It was this diary that grew into a novel and I was thrilled when Tirgearr Publishing brought it out as an ebook March 2016. It has already attracted a number of five star reviews. ‘A richly told tale, emotive and evocative.’ ‘Has it all – humour, pathos, spirituality.’

I have two further novels in the pipeline, Oppression, which is set in Cairo, Egypt and tells the story of a forced marriage and One Hundred Hands Outstretched, again based in India.

My website promises ‘Atmospheric Settings, Women under Pressure’ and this is what I try to deliver. If you are a fan of books by Victoria Hislop or Rosie Thomas you’ll probably like mine.

My travels have taken me to China, Egypt, Israel, Guatemala, Russia, Morocco, Belize and my favourite place, India. I keep copious notes and constantly dip into them to ensure my settings are authentic.

I live alone, when not travelling, in a small Leicestershire village. A happy life for me is writing or reading – with breaks for chocolate and mugs of tea – and occasional visits to the theatre.

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