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Quirky Girl

Although I enjoy writing, and think it will always be my first love, I do relish the challenge of self-publishing my own work. It can be tough making all the decisions as to what one wants the finished article to look like – not least of which is the design of the cover.

When I penned “Hey! Zeus!!” I originally intended it to be available only on Kindle, but so many people asked if it was available as a paperback, I thought I would attempt to publish it myself. (Can´t be so hard, can it? EVERYONE is doing it!) Well, I have to say, yes, I did it, but it was harder than I thought.

If anyone wonders why I have an iguana on the cover of my anthology – the answer is - because it´s ´QUIRKY´.

 Quirky Girl


I must have impressed some people, because I had enquiries from friends, asking if I could give them some help with their projects. They seemed to be happy with the advice, so I have decided to put myself forward to help other entrepreneurial authors publish their work.

Not every ´author´ wants to write a best seller. Within the writing group to which I belong, we have people who wish to write their memoirs, but have it available only to their family and close friends, not the general public

However, the publishing process is the same, and it can be quite daunting for anyone considering it for the first time.

In my new website - - I have included a page of questions and answers, which anyone considering self-publishing for the first time may find useful, along with other information.

Meet The Author...
Janette Davies
Who Am I?

I was born Janette Christine Power, in Sparkbrook, Birmingham (England) in 1944. Went to Aston Commercial School and worked for Midland Bank for five years. I had various secretarial positions around the Midlands, until a change of career sent me to a Northamptonshire village to run a Pub.

In 1992 I met and married Colin Davies and we moved to a smallholding in Wales. Unfortunately, ill health forced us to sell up and move to Spain.

Now retired, we spend our days reading, writing and drinking wine.

I have published three books; "Hey! Zeus!!" (12 quirky blasts of fun fiction) and Books 1 & 2 of The Big Spanish Adventure Series. I have contributed to various anthologies published through WordPlay Writers Forum and also have a monthly newsletter "Quirky Girl in Spain".

Newsletter - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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