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Patricia Comb

The Café Paradise is a fictional café in York, North Yorkshire. I have set the books there as it is one of my favourite cities and I know it well. At present there are two books published in the trilogy and I hope to write the third one over the course of the next winter.

I would be getting on with it now, but we are packing up to move back to North Yorkshire from south-west Scotland. We are leaving our house on the market here and settling in a bolt-hole in Filey. It will be easier to promote 'Café Paradise' around the county and I hope, future books set in North Yorkshire.

Just to give you a flavour of the books, below is the back-cover information. I hope it will tempt you to read on......

Patricia comb

Back-cover information


Patricia Comb

Cafe Paradise


After Jackie Dalrymple-Jones finds her domineering mother lying dead, face down in a bowl of porridge, she has to take responsibility for Café Paradise. The greasy-spoon in York has seen better days, but Jackie's plans to modernise are not appreciated by her wilful staff.

Zumba dancing, feckless chickens, cross-dressing and the world's most fiery curry all play their part as Jackie and her friends find love and fight financial skullduggery.

Patricia Comb

Marilyn's Daughters


In this riotous sequel to 'Café Paradise' life is never simple - or dull.

Marilyn Dalrymple-Jones left a fine old mess when she finally dropped down dead in her plate of porridge.

Newly released from prison, Janet Bailey goes looking for her birth mother in York. Her search takes her to the Café Paradise - where her presence threatens to disrupt Jackie's marriage to Barney...

Life is far from straightforward for the rest of the café staff. Penny and George are touring Europe and can't keep out of trouble. Kate is convinced that Stan has been seduced by an Italian sex siren - and she's acquired a stalker...

And Walter - landed with a sheepdog called Elvis, an eccentric French chef and a ditzy new waitress, is ready to wash his hands of the lot of them..

Can Jackie, Kate and Penny save their relationships? Will a malevolent presence from the past ruin Jackie's business? To find out, pull out a chair and take your seat in the Café Paradise…

Editor: Patricia is very kindly donating a signed copy of each Cafe Paradise book as raffle prizes for our next competition. Details will be up on website very soon. Thank you Patricia!

Meet The Author...
Patricia Comb
Who Am I?

Patricia grew up in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and worked for many years as a P.A in various private and public industries. She did an Education degree at Leeds Beckett Park and trained for primary school teaching. After this, she worked for many years with adults with learning difficulties before moving to the Durham Dales with her husband to run a smallholding in Weardale, County Durham. They also spent some years in south-west France running a smallholding, before returning to the U.K. in 2005.

Since then, Patricia has been honing her writing skills as a member of various writers groups, finding that humour was her forte. 'Cafe Paradise' and 'Marilyn's Daughters' are her first novels, with the final one in the trilogy to follow next year.

Patricia and her husband are in the process of moving to Filey, North Yorkshire, where she hopes to write Book 3 in the series and after that, to move on to new characters set somewhere in Yorkshire and, as ever, romance and comedy will rule the day.

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