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Many thanks to OAPSchat for inviting me to tell you about my latest book, THE LITTLE KIOSK BY THE SEA published 18th August.

Past secrets, present day lies, bring life changing events as the summer season in Dartmouth gets underway.

Meet Sabine, desperately fighting to save her little kiosk from closure whilst turning down her friend Owen’s proposals, time and time again

Cue Harriet, returning to Dartmouth after thirty years, haunted by the scandal that drove her away and shocked by a legacy that threatens her relationship with her journalist daughter.

Enter Rachel, the mysterious newcomer who has an unexpected chemistry with a local widower, and who sets in motion a chain of events she could never have predicted…

One thing’s for sure, as the autumn tide turns, there’ll be more than one secret laid bare.

What readers are saying about Kiosk ...I started it thinking it was going to be a light fluffy book, but there was a much deeper connection...

...I love the fact that the author took the simple idea of a kiosk in a seaside town and created something far reaching from that one small thing.

Editor: You can buy Jennifer's new ebook here. I am delighted to announce that Jennifer is very kindly donating an ebook as a prize. Details will be up on the website soon. Many thanks Jennifer! 


Meet The Author...
Jennie Bohnet
Who Am I?

I'm originally from the West Country but have somehow ended up in a small cottage in the wilds of rural Brittany France, with my husband Richard, one collie dog called Viking and two cats - 'Little'un' who should really be renamed Huge - and Missie the kitten. The saying 'Life is what happens while you're deciding what to do' is certainly true in my case.

I've always written alongside having various jobs: playgroup leader, bookseller, landlady, restauranteur, journalist, farmer's wife, secretary/p,a - the list is endless but it does provide a rich vein of inspiration for my stories.

I've had hundreds of short stories and several serials published internationally as well as my novellas and novels. Eleven years of living down in the South of France when my husband was a guardien for a villa certainly helped with researching the setting for several of my novels. if you like stories set down on the French Riviera, Antibes, Cannes and Monaco, then do take a look at Follow Your Star and Rendezvous in Cannes. My novel 'A French Pirouette' is set up here in Brittany with brief forays down to Monaco and across to Paris.

I'm known to be allergic to housework and gardening but I do like cooking and having friends around for lunches that go on for a few hours.

I love hearing from readers so here are my contact details if you'd like to get in touch.

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