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Water Gypsy Kay Seeley

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When Tilly Thompson, a girl from the canal, is caught stealing a pie from the terrace of The Imperial Hotel, Athelstone the intervention of Captain Charles Thackery saves her from prison. Tilly soon finds out the real reason for the rescue.

With the Captain Tilly sees a life away from the poverty and hardship of the waterways but his favour stirs up jealousy and hatred among the hotel staff, especially Freddie, the stable boy who harbours desires of his own.

Freddie's pursuit leads Tilly into far greater danger than she could ever have imagined. Can she escape the prejudice, persecution and hypocrisy of Victorian Society, leave her past behind and find true happiness?

Background to writing The Water Gypsy 

I’ve always been an avid reader. I’m a daydreamer who loves to write. If you’re a reader of women’s magazines like Woman’s Weekly, People’s Friend, Take-a-Break or Yours or read their Fiction Specials you’ve probably read at least one of my short stories. My novel, The Water Gypsy was launched in a bar in Malta on my birthday. (I’m not saying which birthday, or which bar.)

What inspired me to write a Victorian novel about a girl from the boats?

While on holiday a few years ago I met a couple who’d had given up their jobs on land to live on a Narrowboat. Reading about the history of the canals and the people who lived and worked on Britain’s waterways sparked an interest. The Water Gypsy highlights the poverty, hardship and injustice suffered by the families who lived and worked on the canals and the prejudice and hypocrisy of Victorian Society, but in a way that makes for an enjoyable read.

I love writing about people, contemporary or historical. Times change but people’s emotions and motivations remain the same. The Water Gypsy was chosen as a Finalist in The Wishing Shelf Awards and received 5* reviews from all 33 readers who said it was ‘Atmospheric and gripping’. The ending was particularly mentioned as being ‘Excellent’.

Being able to combine my passion for writing with my passion for history and London was a joy

When I’m not writing or promoting my books I enjoy spending my time with my very supportive, lovely family. I have a husband, Mick, two daughters, both married and three grandchildren, all adorable. I’m a founder member of the doting granny club.

What’s next? I aim to keep writing short stories and have started on another Victorian novel. I also love gardening, swimming, reading and meeting people, but most of all I love storytelling.

Editor:  Signed copies of The Water Gypsy can be ordered via Kay's website here and postage is Free

Meet The Author...
Kay Seeley
Who Am I?

Kay Seeley lives in London with her husband Michael. She is a novelist, short story writer and poet.

She has written two Victorian novels, The Water Gypsy and The Watercress Girls, which have been compared to books by Catherine Cookson and Barbara Bradford Taylor.

Both books have been chosen as finalists for The Wishing Shelf Award.

She also writes short stories and has had over fifty stories published in various magazines including: The People's Friend, Woman's Weekly, Take-a-Break and The Weekly News .

She has published twenty of these in The Cappuccino Collection.

Kay’s stories have been short-listed in several major competitions.

Kay's latest book The Guardian Angel is now available to buy from Amazon.

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