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Here are the photographs of our competition winners proudly displaying their prizes.

5/11/17 Winner!

Nona Sennheiser

Nona Eastwood is the winner of these fabulous Sennheiser headphones!

22/10/17 Winner!

Mary Bennett

Mary Bennett thrilled with her book Marvellous Mavis by Lotte Moore!

8/10/17 Winner!

Sue Stokes

Sue Stokes is the lucky recipient of Not Thomas by Sara Gethin!

1/10/17 Winner!

Caz Greenham prize winner

Caz Greenham loves reading her signed copy of Snow Sisters by Carol Lovekin!

17/9/17 Winner!

Sheila Khan

Sheila Khan is delighted with her signed copy of The Guardian Angel by Kay Seeley!

27/8/17 Winner!

Judy Goosen prize

Judy Goosen very pleased with her copy of Snow Angels by Elizabeth Gill

27/8/17 Winner!

Anne Harvey

Anne Harvey really looking forward to reading Snow Angels by Elizabeth Gill!

27/8/17 Winner!

Lynne McVernon

Lynne McVernon thrilled with her copy of Snow Angels by Elizabrth Gill!

27/8/17 Winner!

Cathy H

Cathy Hartigan really looking forward to reading Elizabeth Gill Snow Angels!

27/8/17 Winner!

Bev Hopper

Beverley Hopper is thrilled with her Snow Angels book by Elizabeth Gilll!

20/8/17 Winner!

Barbara Hudson

Barbara Hudson has won a signed copy of House of Grace by Patricia Osborne and is very pleased!

13/8/17 Winner!

Marilyn C Prize

Marilyn Chapman has won a super biography of Rudolph Nureyev by Carolyn Soutar and is looking forward to reading the book!

6/8/17 Winner!

Adrienne popcorn

Adrienne Laverick is enjoying her wonderful popcorn and sauce from Joe&Sephs!

30/7/17 Winner!

Evonne prize

Evonne Wareham delighted with her book from Bella Osborne.

23/7/17 Winner!

Lizzie Lamb

My most consistent winner Lizzie Lamb thrilled with her book from Sara Gethin!

9/7/17 Winner!

Carol Farr

Carol Ann Farr pictured with grandson and is very happy with her super tablecloth from

25/6/17 Winner!

Elaine Fryatt

Elaine Fryatt proudly displaying her winning signed hardback book from June Tate!

11/6/17 Winner!

Carolyn Soutar

Carolyn Soutar looking forward to reading Lizzie Lamb's great novel!

4/6/17 Winner!

Mo Croxon Hicks prize

Mo Croxson-Hicks thrilled with her signed copy of Can't buy me Love by Jane Lovering!

28/5/17 Winner!

Liz Lamb

Lizzie Lamb is wearing her fabulous Eternal Collection earrings!

30/4/17 Winner!

Kay Seeley

My second happy winner, Kay Seeley of 30/4/17 with her copy of The Guardian Angel by Elizabeth Gill

30/4/17 Winner!

Lizzie L Winner

Lizzie Lamb thrilled with her hard back copy of The Guardian Angel by Elizabeth Gill

16/4/17 Winner!

Dianne Noble delighted with her poetry book from Di Castle!

2/4/17 Winner!

Pam C Past winner

Pamela Coles looking forward to reading Tamara McKinley book!

26/3/17 Winner!

carol Lovekin Past Winner

Carol Lovekin thrillled to receive Virginia Ironside book.

19/3/17 Winner!

Past Winner Joyce Evans

Joyce Evans looking forward to reading Kirsty Ferry book.

12/3/17 Winner!

Anne seaweed

Annie Jones can't wait to start cooking with her seaweed sachets from The Pembrokeshire Beachfood Company!

5/3/17 Winner!

Margaret Dent

beams comp

Margaret Dent delighted with her 3 pack of Mr Beams Universal Internal Lights

26/2/17 Winner!

Terri M Past winner

Terri Mason says 'I am throughly enjoying the book and will be reading more books by this author.' A very satisfied winner!

12/2/17 Winner!

Norman Prize winner

Great to have a male winner! Norman Turner very happy with his book from Clare Chase

5/2/17 Winner!

Morton Gray Past Win

Morton Gray thrilled with her signed copy of Till The Fat Lady Slims By Debbie Flint!

 22/1/17 Winner!

Past Winner Evonne W

Evonne Wareham delighted with The Christmas Promise by Sue Moorcroft

18/12/16 Winner!

Julie S prize

Julie Synnock thrilled with her gift set kindly donated by Anne Jones

18/12/16 Winner!

Sue Sly prize

Susan Sly so pleased with her pebble art from Lesley Eaton

18/12/16 Winner!

Sigi prize

Sigi Conroy will be cooking up some fab meals with her veg box courtesy of Riverford

15/12/16 Winner!

Margaret Joseph

Super photo of Margaret Joseph, very happy with her book from Linn B Halton

15/12/16 Winner!

Annie Burrows Past Winner

Annie Burrows looking forward to reading Margaret James novel, The Silver Locket

15/12/16 Winner!

Michele Turner Past Winner

Michele Turner is very pleased to have won this excellent Herb Handbook by Su Bristow! 

 13/12/16 Winner!

Kate Long popcorn

Kate Long LOVES her gourmet popcorn hamper from Joe and Sephs!

13/12/16 Winner!

Alison N Prize

Alison Napier very pleased with her jar of Manuka Honey from Oliver Wastie!

8/12/16 Winner!

Katie Phillips

Katie Phillips and Bert love Juliet Greenwood book, The White Camelia

11/12/16 Winner!

Crikey Bikey

Susan Jones is thrilled with the harness from Crikey Bikey! Her grandchild is happy too!

4/12/16 Winner!

Val Holmes Past Winner

Valerie Holmes is another delighted winner with books from Choc Lit authors Clare Chase, Henriette Gyland plus chocolate!

4/12/16 Winner!

Carol Gullick Past Winner

Carol Gullick, the lucky recpient of books by Christina Courtenay and Laura E James plus chocolate!

4/12/16 Winner!

Cheryl Lang prize winner

Cheryl Lang wins TWO books and chocolate from Choc LIt! Super photo!

 13/11/16 Winner!

Dorothy R prize

Dorothy Roberts thrilled with her C500 from Key Safe!

13/11/16 Winner!

Comp Winner Rosie L

Rosemary Lovell VERY pleased with her C500 Keysafe!

13/11/16 Winner!

Competition Sheila Holley

Alfie (Sheila Holley) is another lucky winner of a C500 Key Safe from the Key Safe Company. Alfie is guarding the safe!

13/11/16 Winner!

Kay Seeley Past Winner

Kay Seeley delighted with her C500 Key Safe from The Key Safe Company

30/10/16 Winner!

Lizzie Lamb

Lizzie Lamb gives the thumbs up to her super book from Linn B Halton!

23/10/16 Winner!

Julia Allen prize

Julia Allen looking forward to reading The White Camellia by Juliet Greenwood

16/10/16 Winner!

Nicola Cornick Winners Gallery

Nicola Cornick delighted with her signed copy of The Velvet Cloak Of Moonlight by Christina Courtenay!

2/10/16 Winner!

Paula Martin Prize winner

Paula Martin looking forward to reading Fay Wentworth's tales!

25/9/16 Winner!

Christina Hollis

Christina Hollis is the lucky winner of a signed copy of Baggy Pants and Bootees by Marilyn Chapman

18/9/16 Winner!

Tina Burton prize

Tina Burton has won a signed copy of Elizabeth Gill's latest novel, Noobody's Child and is sharing her photo with Cherry!

11/9/16 Winner!

Otto win

Simon Kettlewell won a big box of Corkers Crisps and Popcorn, his son Otto looks very happy!!

4/9/16 Winner!

Prize winner

Kathleen Ferguson is delighted with her cleaning products from Marigold!

21/8/16 Winner!

Judith Barrow

Judith Barrow is delighted to win a signed copy of Simon Kettlewell book, Dead Dog Floating

21/8/16 Winner!

Liz Gill raffle prize

Elizabeth Gill is very happy with her signed copy of The Truth About Us by Simon Kettlewell!

14/8/16 Winner!

Jane Capp

Jane Sarah Capp delighted with her signed copy of Ghost Bird by Carol Lovekin!

10/7/16 Winner!

Morton Gray prize winner

A very happy Morton Gray with Lily wins an audio copy of The Gunner Girl by Clare Harvey. Happy listening both!

12/6/16 Winner!

Juliet Persil

Juliet Greenwood was one of the winners of Persil Bio Capsules. Dogs, Phoebe and Ronja are happy to be photographed!

 24/4/16 Winner!

Celia Anderson

Celia Anderson with her signed copy of Timed Out by Barbara Lorna Hudson. Happy reading Celia!

24/4/16 Winner!

Julie Ryan Prize winner

Julie Ryan with her fabulous book donated by Jackie McGregor. All proceeds from book sales go to Alzheimers Society.

20/3/16 Winner!

Kay Seeley book

Kay Seeley delighted with her signed copy of The Cunning Woman's Cup from Sue Hewitt

21/2/16 Winner!

Chris H prize

Christina Hollis trying out her ice scraper mitt prize at 4am this morning! It worked!!

14/2/16 Winner!

J Barrow prize

Judith Barrow has won a fab copy of Debbie Flint's Til the Fat Lady Slims 3.0!

31/1/16 Winner!

H Fairfax

Helena Fairfax is delighted with her first recipe she has made from Riverford Organics - a super prize!

24/1/16 Winner!

Katie Phillips

Katie Phillips proudly displays her decoupage crafts set donated by Sigi Conroy. Enjoy Katie!

10/1/16 Winner!

Bev Hopper

Our first delighted winner of 2016, Beverley Ann Hopper with her signed copy of Cross Stitch by Amanda James

22/12/15 Winner!

Yvonne P

Yvonne Probert looking forward to playing her games from

18/12/15 Winner!

Fiona Dunn

Fiona Dunn is thrilled with her poetry books from Lexley George! Fiona shares a photo of her as a small child. 

18/12/15 Winner!

Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson proudly showing her craft club friends Liz Fielding's Little Book of Writing Romance

10/12/15 Winner!

Maggie Chon

Maggie Chocqeel-Mangen won Eric Lennick's book, A Life Worth Living and said "It was a wonderful prize - and really is a great read! Well recommended for a 'pick up' ..... especially while you're waiting for winter to pass ..... Enjoy! I did! "

Crikey Bikey winner

Jan Worthington is the proud winner of a Crikey Bikey Harness. One of her grandchildren will love this I am sure!


6/12/15 Winner!

Fay W

Fay Wentworth thrilled with her signed copy of A Christmas Celebration by Sophie Duffy, Cathie Hartigan and Margaret James

6/12/15 Winner!

Sigi winner

Sigi Conroy looking forward to reading A Christmas Celebration by Sophie Duffy, Cathie Hartigan and Margaret James

2/12/15 Winner!


Dorothy Roberts delighted with her signed copy of Magic Sometimes Happens by Margaret James

2/12/15 Winner!

Michele T

Michele Turner is thrilled and privileged with her wonderful prize from Margaret James- the audio book "Magic Sometimes Happens". 

29/11/15 Winner!

Sally winner

Presenting Sally Jones with her fabulous book from True North Books

15/11/15 Winner!

Liz Fielding

Liz Fielding is delighted with her book from Maggie Cobbett

11/11/15 Winner!

Pam Georgia Hill comp

Pam Coles thrilled with her signed copy of While I Was Waiting by Georgia Hill

1/11/15 Winner!

Maggie C

Maggie Cobbett looking forward to reading Hannah's War by Fenella Miller

28/10/15 Winner!

Kay Seeley

Kay Seeley delighted to received her signed copy of Bright Stars by Sophie Duffy

18/10/15 Winner!

Clare H

Author Clare Harvey very pleased with Annie Burrows signed copy of The Captain's Christmas Bride


14/10/15 Winner!

Vic Knight book

Victoria Knight looking forward to reading her signed copy of The Jade Lioness by Christina Courtenay

11/10/2015 Winner!

Cathie H Marshmallows

Cathie Hartigan is thrilled with her gourmet marshmallows from Belinda Clark!

4/10/15 Winner!

Mary Collins

Mary Collins is delighted with her signed copy of Shadows of the Past by Maggie Cobbett!

27/09/2015 Winner!

 Comp Sheila

Sheila Khan very pleased with her fabulous hamper from Cadbury's!

 25/08/15 Winner!

John Bunce popcorn winner

John Bunce is very pleased with his supply of popcorn from Joe&Sephs.

9/08/2015 Winner!

Carol H murky winner

Carol Hedges (hand) is thrilled with Magic Molly book by Trevor Forest. Little G will love this story in a couple of years!

26/07/2015 Winner!


Teresa (Terri) Mason and her box of shaving goodies from The Personal Barber. Her husband Chris is thrilled!

 8/06/215 Winner!

Michele Turner

Michele Turner loves her signed print from Sue Rosser!

31/05/2015 Winner!

Sheila Khan Winner

Sheila Khan is delighted to receive her signed copy of Magic Sometimes Happens by Margaret James

 19/03/2015 Winner!

190315 winner

Anne Harvey is thrilled to receive her copy of Creature Comforts by Trisha Ashley

31/03/15 Winner!


Prize winner Shirley Barsby thoroughly enjoying We That Are Left by Juliet Greenwood

29/03/15 Winner!


Norman Turner is VERY happy with his winning presentation box of wine from Tony Laithwaite of

Many congratulations Norman, enjoy your wines!

25/03/15 Winner!

Margaret Joel is very pleased with her winning prize from Margaret James and Cathie Hartigan, The Short Story Writer’s Workbook.
When you have written your short story Margaret, I will publish it on Oapschat!!

15/03/15 Winner!

Sally Jones is very happy with her pot of Celadrin Forte from Cosyfeet. No more aches and pains now hopefully!!

22/01/15 Winner!

Adrienne Laverick is thrilled with £30 Oakhouse Vouchers. She is going to enjoy spending them on excellent ready meals!

15/01/15 Winner!

Me presenting Doris Law with her Keep Fit “Stretch” exercise kit.

18/01/15 Winner!

Stella Jeenes LOVES her bouncing Keep Fit prize! She even tried it out at Choir Practice!

17/12/14 Winner!

Amanda Ingham thrilled with her gorgeous Bunches bouquet!

17/12/14 Winner!

 Brenda Smith overjoyed wither case of Fentimans Soft drinks!

7/12/14 Winners!

Jane Capp

Jane Capp with her hand made Christmas decorations made and donated by Adrienne Laverick

Jean Grimsey

Jean Grimsey delighted with her placemat made by Adrienne Laverick

Beverley Lloyd 

Beverley Lloyd proudly displaying a place mat made by Adrienne Laverick.

30/11/14 Winner!

Katy Phillips adores her Snoozy Slippers!

 23/11/14 Winners!


Sharon Hirst pleased with her Gin Gins!



  Rosy Gingins

Rosy Smith loves her Gin Gins 


Gin gins 

 Margaret Taylor thrilled with her selection box of Gin Gins

14/11/14 Winner!

Rohini prize

Many congratulations Rohini Sunderam on winning the 50 Word Competition. I hope will enjoy reading My Gentle War by Joy Lennick who kindly donated your prize.

07/11/2014 Winner! 

Betty winner

Congratulations Betty on winning your bag from TGA Mobility, we hope you will obtain great benefit from it.


13/08/2014 Winner!

Albert winner

Albert with his Cosyfeet Pedicure File- put to good use, now walking on better feet!


11/05/2014 Winner!

Jane Capp very happy with her bookmark


12/3/2014 Winner!

Janet Blackwell, delighted with her copy of Emma, There's No Turning Back by Linda Mitchelmore. 

 28/03/2014 Winner!

Sharon Hirst, very pleased with her hosiery from Cosyfeet


26/03/14 Winner!

Fiona Dunn, proudly wearing her necklace donated by Brillioso Beads 


25/03/2104 Winner!

Margaret taylor with her signed copy of The Generation Game by Sophie Duffy


 24/03/2014 Winner!


Lynda Saran with her signed copy of The Silver Locket by Margaret James 


 23/03/2014 Winner!

Margaret Wheeler with her signed copy of For Love or Money by June Tate


22/03/2014 Winner!

 Sheila Khan with her GT Decorations bouquet 


15/03/2014 Winner!

 Tricia Palin Neville with her signed copy of Dangerous Decisions by Margaret Kaine 


15/02/2014 Winner!

Adrienne Laverick proudly displaying her £35 voucher and a book for No Hands Massage, courtesy of Beautonics, Hereford.


 08/02/2014 Winner!

Val Lattimore thrilled to winner £25 Oakhouse Foods Voucher


01/02/2014 Winner!

Denice Hadfield,delighted with her evening purse 


01/02/2014 Winner!

Denise Everson with her two grandchildren, proudly modelling their hat and scarf set. 


25/01/2014 Winner!

Shirley Barsby who is very pleased with her kitchenscales and magnetic knife rack, courtesy  of Phillip Morris and Son, Hereford


30/12/13 Winner!

Conratulations to Sigi Conroy with her luxury sponge bag.


21/12/2013 Winner! 


Well done to Dorothy Hornby Roberts, winner of these exclusive cushions, courtesy of I and J L Brown Ltd.


14/12/13 Winner!

 Felicitations to Chris Crockett, winner of a Bunches Flowers Bouquet


10/12/13 Winner!

Jean Grimsey with her lovely Graze Box


  07/12/13 Winner!

Many congratulations to Sheila Holley, winner of £30 Hotter Shoes Vouchers


8/11/2013 Winner!

 Christine Rutter with a bottle of Italian wine- our first competition winner

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