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Last Saturday Mick & myself, met our friends Linda and Roger in Exeter for lunch. We opted for a pub not far from the venue we were going to at 2pm. The lunch was good, although Mick had a problem with his order!

Everything was fine, and he enjoyed his sausage and mash. Good conversation about all manner of things, a drink, and then we made our way to St Stephen's Church with great anticipation for the first Exeter Novel Prize Awards Ceremony.

St Stephen's Church has been renovated beautifully. It is now light and airy, and the acoustics are marvellous. We met friends we hadn't seen for a while, other than on Facebook,and made new friends, who we are now friends with us on Facebook.

Shortlisted entrants with local M.P Ben Bradshaw

The whole event was a triumph and very well organised by Margaret James, Cathie Hartigan and Sophie Duffy. There was a lovely buzz of anticipation in the room, and the refreshments, especially the cupcakes,were welcome.

And very delicious!

When it came to the ceremony, I could almost sense everyone holding their breath, waiting for the winner to be announced. MP Ben Bradshaw started the proceedings with a very appropriate speech about culture in the City.

Congratulations to Sonia Weiss, Heather Read, Barbara Lorna Hudson, Joan Brennan, Su Bristow & Anne Summerfield for making the shortlist. But as Broo Doherty (Literary Agent) announced the winner everyone relaxed and applauded. It was a wonderful moment in that lovely old building.

Cat and Lynx Raven with Sophie Duffy

So, hearty congratulations to Su Bristow for her winning the first ever trophy for the Exeter Novel Prize, with her intriguing novel 'Sealskin'. Wishing all the writers on the shortlist every good wish.

Yes, it was a lovely afternoon. And for the twins Cat Lynx Raven, I wonder if there were a ghost or two there watching the proceedings!


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