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 Once your own children have grown up, moved out and built lives of their own, you are left to enjoy years of doing things for yourself again.

You will miss your kids, but over time you may get to enjoy the excitement of bonding with grandchildren. If you’re already in that stage of your life, then you’ll know that sharing moments will be the key to building happy memories.

Here are 5 things to do this year, whilst making the most of your time with the grandkids:

Andrew A

Go on a walk

It seems simple enough, but isn’t something that you might think about. You may remember your own childhood, visiting your grandparents and enjoying fresh home-cooked food at their house. Then, you’d sit and listen whilst they told stories.

It’s wonderful to close the door to the world, wrap yourselves in a bubble and enjoy each other’s company, but don’t miss your chance to explore the great outdoors with your grandchildren. You’ll see a different side to them as they marvel over the bugs that scuttle along the floor, or feel the smooth texture of an acorn.

If you’re unsure of your own ability, this could be the perfect push to purchase a mobility aid. Walking frames, canes and mobility scooters can increase your independence, giving you even more opportunities to enjoy quality time with your grandkids.

Andrew A

Write some stories down

Grandchildren often regret not fully appreciating tales of the past, when they were able to hear them first hand. When we’re gone, our experiences live on in the memories of those that we told our stories to. Don’t be offended if your grandson seems to only be half listening to what you’ve got to say. This is the perfect time to write little stories about your life, wrapping up a piece of history that he can look back on in the future.

These don’t have to be particularly impressive tales – context is everything, so why not write about what you used to enjoy doing when you weren’t at school, or what your first job involved?

Spoken words can fade, but anything you write will last for years and be a very appreciated gift once he’s old enough to understand its importance.

 Andrew A

Interview them

No doubt you want to know about the person that your granddaughter really is. By asking questions and taking an interest, you’ll make her feel important. Why not sit her down and interview her?

Start with the basics: What’s your favourite colour? Who is your best friend?

Then, move on to the more in-depth questions that will get her thinking and give you more of an insight: What’s the most interesting fact that you’ve ever heard? If you could travel through time, where would you go?

Andrew A

Help with homework

Create a time capsule.

Tell them about things that were different when you were young. Encourage them to think about things that might change in the future. Ask them to pick a few belongings – not their favourites – or other things that they would like to freeze in time. They may want to lock away a favourite chocolate bar, or a CD that features a few of their favourite songs.

You don’t have to bury the capsule. Label it, then hide it somewhere safe within your home, so that it’s ready to be rediscovered years down the line. Even half a decade can make a difference, when music tastes alter and product packaging changes.


Watch a performance

Try to visit your grandchild when they’re performing in a show at school, or perhaps going through a martial arts grading or showing off the skills that they learned in their ballet class. Nothing feels better than watching the smiling face of a grandchild that’s achieving something amazing, and so proud that you were there to witness it!

What’s your favourite thing to do with your grandkids? How do you make memories?

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