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Little G is back from her holidays, tanned, taller and still not walking. You must be mad is not happy about this, as she is about to graduate to the Toddlers' Room at nursery. 

Only she isn't toddling

Watching Little G hoist herself to a wobbly stand and then pitch forward, I can see it from her point of view. Why spoil a good thing? Crawling gets you from A to Z.

Standing just lands you face down on the carpet

Now she is back, we are resuming our old routines once more, so today it's off to Wagamama for our Wednesday lunch date. We always have the same dish: grilled chicken, noodles, grated carrot, sweetcorn and strange green veg that we regard with some suspicion.

We walk to the restaurant. As it is the summer holidays, there are a lot more parents and children around town. We steer carefully as all the parents seem to be on their phones. Once we are seated, Little G and I start drawing with the crayons. Several children drift over to watch. We discuss Little G's amazing ability to draw wiggly lines in yellow crayon.

While we eat our lunch, Little G points to things that she likes: the ceiling tiles, the light fittings, the jolly stripy flags the council has put up to make the precinct look festive

We compare our lunches to see who has eaten the most. I help her with the fiddly bits.

As always, we get complimented on Little G's behaviour: the way she sits so nicely, the way she eats up all her food. I smile, say thank you. At the end of our lunch, I pack her back into the buggy. She waves at the staff. They coo and wave back. She waves at the children. They laugh and wave back. She waves at the parents.

But they are on their phones, so they don't notice.

To be continued .... .......

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