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Despite her ongoing lack of verticality, Little G is advancing in other ways. You must be mad calls it Testing the Boundaries. I call it Karma. Suffice it to say, one can no longer rely on 100% compliance, and devious methods have to be adopted to stay one step ahead of her.

The old nappy changing routine involved plonking her on her back and performing the task. Recently, she has taken against this indignity and arches her back, refusing to lie down. I have come up with a series of 'clever wheezes' involving various toys being in charge of various aspects of said change, with her as main Project Manager.

It seems to be working. So far

Food is another area. She likes to have choices and input into what she is going to eat. So we cook together wherever possible. Little G enjoys pouring pasta into saucepans, and dropping sausages into frying pans while we sing the '10 Fat Sausages Sizzling In The Pan' song (go Google).

We are the Fanny & Baby Craddock of our generation

But however much I think I am one step ahead, there is always the unexpected event that happens when you least expect it. Last week Little G managed to climb up onto and then fall off the ottoman in her room while I was temporarily absent. She has never done it before. It is her first major tumble and she has the bruise to prove it.

I know that this is the beginning of many such falls, that neither I nor You must be mad can wrap her in cotton wool, nor would we want to, nor will she let us, but it is a salutary lesson.

You can do all the Risk Analysis in the world, but you cannot Project Manage a baby. Constant change is here to stay.

To be continued ... ........

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