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This picture was taken after our car journey – they were deciding what to cook ☺️

My notebook is always to hand, writer’s curse, as some of you may know. Some of the things I madly scribbled down when two of our grandchildren were travelling along in the car with us recently had me crying with laughter.

It was a good job I was sat in the front and they couldn’t see me. It was a good job too that my husband was driving.

So, sit back, relax, forget any woes and let Eddie (aged 7) and Melissa (aged 3) entertain you …


Eddie “When you’re sixty-three you aren’t allowed to drive any more. You’re too old then Grandad. Anyway you’ve got to get more exercise.”

Grandad “Really?

Eddie “Yes. You have to walk everywhere.”

Grandad “I might struggle.”

Eddie “Then get a motorbike.”

Grandad “I’ve never driven a motorbike.”

Eddie “You’ll have to learn.”

Grandad “Oh.”

Eddie “The only thing is Grandad you’re not allowed to drive a motorbike when you’re ninety-six mind.”

Grandad “Oh, but what do I do then?”

Eddie “If you’re not walking, you watch TV and eat crisps.”

TIRED EYES (Melissa likes to wear sunglasses winter and summer)

Melissa “I’m tired.”

Grandad “Close your eyes for a bit then.”

Melissa “I haven’t got any eyes.”

Grandad “Why? Where are your eyes?”

Melissa “I’ve got my sunglasses on so they’re hiding.”


Grandad “I’m just going to fill up with petrol. I won’t be a minute.”

Eddie “Can I come and help you Grandad?”

Grandad “Sorry Eddie, you’re too young, so you’re not allowed.”

Eddie “How old have you got to be, to be allowed?”

Grandad “16 I think.”

Eddie “Then I can say I am very ill and a bit little.”


Melissa “It’s steaming Grandma.”

Me “Steaming?”

Melissa “Yes steaming.”

Me “What does steaming mean? I don’t understand you.”

Melissa “Well, I don’t know! Surely you know, and then you can tell me.”


Melissa “My brother is really good at eating sausages.”

Grandad “Is he?”

Melissa “Yes, he can dive in a swimming pool too.”


We’d been talking about Eddie’s school sports and I asked Melissa “Do you have races at pre-school?”

Melissa “No, but we have a garden.”

Me “Oh, that’s nice. What do you grow?”

Melissa “We don’t grow anything.”

Me “Why not?”

Melissa “We go to the park instead.”


We were playing ‘I spy’ in the car (Melissa doesn’t really understand ‘I Spy)

Eddie “I spy with my little eye something beginning with T”

Melissa “Does it have big teeth?”

Eddie “No.”

Melissa “Does it have small teeth?”

Eddie “No.”

Melissa “Does it have any teeth?”

Eddie (tutting): “Grr.”

Melissa “Talk louder Eddie I don’t understand you.”

Melissa’s turn …

Melissa “I spy with my little eye a hamster. It hasn’t got any legs, it’s pink but it’s got a tail and one tooth.”

Eddie (laughing) “Is it a hamster?”

Melissa “No. No. No. This one’s got two teeth and a leg. You’re wrong Eddie.”


Eddie “Why don’t horses need glasses Grandad?”

Grandad “Umm ….”


The reward for my husband and I at the end of a tiring day is immeasurable. We have been lucky enough to spend a magical time emerged in childhood again with our wonderful grandchildren.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it too! ☺️

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Hilary Coombes
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Hi folks, just a bit about me …I was born in Devon and brought up in Bristol. After juggling family and studying for university as a mature student I taught in various schools and colleges, eventually specialising in teaching blind students which was so rewarding.

I now live between Somerset and Spain with my husband, and at last I can indulge my passion to write. My debut novel ‘The Hen Party’ was accepted by a publisher and is now available on Amazon. (I’ve been floating on air since I knew!) It's about a flamboyant 50 year old woman who is forced to confront her deeply buried feelings when one of her companions reveals a secret.

I believe we all need to be happy and healthy to enjoy life so I do my best to ensure my writing makes people smile.

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