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Fred Walton watch

I was always notorious for breaking watches. They very rarely lasted more than a week, my record being one whole morning.

In the end I gave up wearing them, and I reasoned that given that I am always late for everything. it wouldn't really matter if I was wearing a watch, which would only serve to confirm what I already knew, providing it lasted long enough. Some of you might be old enough to remember the launch of the Russian made Sekonda watch with the Beware of expensive imitations advertising campaign in 1975.

Fred Walton watch

That was the year that Pat and I were married, and for our first Christmas she bought me one, and said. If you take care of this I will buy you a proper one next year. I took such good care of it that when next year came I didn't need a proper one, and the year after that, and on, and on.

Fred W watch

My trusty Sekonda watch

Pat never did need to buy me one of the expensive imitations, because it is still ticking away to.this day, now more than forty years later. When I am feeling lonely, and missing Pat, I put it to my ear and listen to its ticking, thinking to myself, that is Pat's heart still beating for me.

Just one thing I forgot to mention. I am still late for everything but now I have a very reliable watch to make sure I don't slip up, and arrive on time for once.

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