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Carol Hedges

It is 2 weeks until Little G's new baby brother enters the world. She is being prepared as best as those around her can do.

You must be mad has bought a selection of picture books about 'Mummy's Tummy House' and a little baby brother that takes up all the time with his crying and feeding. The nursery are allowing her to help in the baby unit so she gets an idea of what might be turning up in a fortnight.

Little G's clothes have been sorted and re-arranged, so I can't find any of her favourite outfits, but I can find tiny things that are far too small for her. The cot has been moved upstairs and she is now in a new big bed with a duvet.

We have some presents for him here that will be 'hers' to give

I have to say, if I were her, there's not much about this prospective baby brother that I'd buy into. I am doing my best to make sure she knows how much I do and always will love her (to the moon and back) and also reminding her that our special days (although it will now be one day) will happen, with all the fun and laughter we always have when we are sharing our adventures.

Last minute finessing is taking place. L-Plate Grandad has done a practice run at the new bedtime routine for when You must be mad goes into hospital

It involves watching a small video from Frozen on his iPhone. This is why he is in charge - my Nokia doesn't do apps. You must be mad will finish work in a couple of days and might then get round to packing her hospital bag: second babies are so much less stressful.

Little G 's life is about to change. All our lives are about to change. But for now, we wait. Even if some of us at the bottom of the waiting pile really don't have much of a clue what we are waiting for.

To be continued ... ...

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