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I believe Rosy

Since I was a teenager, I have been very Spiritual. Our Father George, was descended from Romany Gypsies in Oxfordshire. Quite a few members of our family, including those of a younger generation, have what I term as The Gift. Being able to see and hear things, which are of another dimension.

Some of the things I see, usually late evening, and early hours of the morning, are brightly coloured flowers, luminous in the dark. Pictures in circles and writing.

Rosy I Believe

My father

A flash of light will herald me seeing a person, for just long enough to see their faces, and what they are wearing. On two occasions I have seen gypsies, one a young woman, and one a young man, who could be our ancestors. I have never yet seen anyone I recognise.

I feel very privileged to see these things, and Blessed that I have this gift. For it reassures me that without doubt, there is an afterlife.

This is sometimes a very controversial subject. There are believers, non-believers, and some maybes. Quite understandable, because unless you actually see or hear something amazing, how are we expected to believe?

Until recently, I had never seen anything personal caught on camera.

I Believe Rosy

A wispy strand of mist

 Rosy I Believe

The mist has disappeared!

The photos attached to this article, were two photos my sister took of me within seconds of each other about a month ago, in a nephews garden. It was a beautifully sunny afternoon, in the countryside. On the first one you will see a long strip of a grey, wispy mist above my head. Which also comes down on one side of my face to my mouth.

On the next photo, taken seconds later, the mist is gone!

My nephew, who also has the gift, thinks it is my late sister, visiting us on a family day, as my nephew was a favourite of hers.

Whatever your thoughts are on this photo, I have no doubt it is a loved one with me on that day, who kisses me. To me this is wonderful.

Always look carefully at your precious photographs .... You never know what you may see! ... And that is the truth .... Rosemary

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Rosemary Ann Smith
Who Am I?

I was born in London in 1946. Walked to school through Highgate Cemetery each day, as Brookfield School for Girls overlooked the cemetery. It's a place I've never forgotten. Did that experience lead me to love sitting in Churchyards writing poetry?! I think maybe it did. My mother remarried, and in 1959 we moved to Exmouth in Devon. To me Exmouth is home. I feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

I have written seven novellas set in Victorian times, each sprinkled with romance and mystery. This new found talent has helped me very much along the way. All seven titles are available to borrow in the library in large print.
The Amethyst Brooch
The Bluebell Wood
The Brooding Lake
A Stranger's Kiss
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Love in the Mist
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