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Little G and You must be mad are just back from New York, where they have been visiting family for a week. I have asked her what she got up to, but all Little G will tell me is 'Dumbo', which was the movie she watched on the return plane journey.

I know she had a good time, because You must be mad told me. Central Park's playgrounds were visited. The petting zoo was an out and out hit. Apparently as they left, Little G said 'Bye-bye new toys' which was very sweet.

But can I get anything out of her? Nope

It's the same with nursery. She spends two days there, but all she will divulge is that she had 'toast.' Nearly one year of eating toast has happened. I still haven't a clue what else she does. I'd worry about her mental processing, except that if asked, she can reel off exactly what she and I did last week: Blue bus > baby rhyme time > grandma's house >kitten > biscuits > pink slide > pets. OK, it is a tad verb deficient but as a basic summary, it's pretty accurate.

Little G would make a very good secret agent. Her feigned selective memory is impressive. She can recall a goldfish we saw at Vets for Pets three weeks ago. Ask her about the location of her gloves though and she morphs into vaguely non-plussed mode. And stays there until you give up and go and find them for her.

And if the mark of a good politician is the ability to avoid ever giving a straight answer, then Little G could run the country. Based on her current evasive skill set she probably will be. Possibly a lot sooner than you think.

To be continued ... ....

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