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L Plate Gran 4/8

It has been, as they say, a quiet week. You must be mad and Little G are currently away on a family summer holiday in Devon. First exposure to sea and beach for the baby.

Sand in, sand out, as they say. So I have had time to breathe, stand back and take stock.

Things I like about minding a small baby

* The use of totally legal weaponry in the form of a purple buggy with 'edges'
* Unconditional love
* The challenge of avoiding collateral damage when removing unsavoury objects from mouth
* The feel of two little arms around my neck when I pick her up
* The company of somebody for whom a trip to the swings is cause for massive celebration
* Realising that I'm not quite as unfit as I thought
* Reading books with VERY simple plots and LOTS of pictures that I don't have to review on Amazon
* Hosting lavish 'tea parties' which never end in unacceptable weight gain

Things I don't like about minding a small baby

* The 'missing her terribly' feeling when she goes on holiday

To be continued...

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