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Carol H 25/8

Little G is now 18 months old and has just got her first pair of shoes. They are size 3, purple with sparkly bits and velcro fastenings. You must be mad says they will stabilize her and encourage her to start walking. As I know nothing of these matters, I remain silent.

When I was Little G's age, you had to be actually walking properly before you were shod. Then you stood on a platform thing, with your feet in a box thing and had them X-rayed to ascertain the size. Looking back, I'm not sure this was a good idea. Nowadays, you rock up to the Clarks shoe shop and they have a chart.

Sadly, Little G was not convinced by the chart, nor the kind assistant nor initially by the shoes, and had a total meltdown in the shop, so it was a case of guesswork all round and You must be mad was relieved to escape. So were the rest of the customers

However Little G now loves her new shoes. She spends a lot of time peeling and sticking the velcro straps because it makes a satisfying sound. She has adopted a strange straight-legged crab crawl to get herself around the house as she adapts to wearing shoes. She also likes 'pushing the buggy' round town - something she wasn't allowed to do before because of sockage wear and tear.

We take ages and ages to get anywhere

I reassure You must be mad that the baby will eventually let go of the floor and start walking properly. Then I remind her that from shoes to Choos is only a short step. So she'd better start saving.

To be continued ... ........

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