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Little G

And so we reach the vexed matter of children's fashion. The more time I spend going round kids clothes shops with Little G - and I spend a lot of time, as it tires her out, the more I observe how little has changed on the colour palate front.


When You must be mad was born I made a lot of her clothes as I despaired of the 'girls wear pink' gender agenda choices available in Mothercare, which was about all we had at that time.

Thus from birth she was dressed in strong colours like the pair of navy velvet dungarees, or the rainbow Fairisle jumpers and succession of patchwork jackets

Fast forward 32 years, and trudging through Equality, Feminism, RadFems and any other Fems you care to mention, girls' clothes are still being mainly produced in pastel colours with bows and frills and cutesy slogans about princesses and sparkly bits while boys' clothes are in 'robust' colours with trucks and dinosaurs and robots, so that as soon as you enter a store you can clearly spot whose outfits are located where.

This lamentable lack of progress was vividly brought home to me last week when Little G and I went into a small local pop up Danish clothes shop, whose bright window display of children's clothes drew us like two magnets.

Once inside, I picked out a bright leaf-green T-shirt with farm animals and tractors on it only to be told by the young, so should know better, assistant: 'that's really meant for boys'

I bought it. Of course.

To be continued... ...

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