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In the interests of making sure that she is developing 'normally', Little G has recently undergone her two year checkup with a health visitor.

It It went as well as could be expected. Meltdown when she had to lie on the floor to be measured. Meltdown when she was asked to perform various tasks. Meltdown whenever the health visitor came near her.

It reminded me of You must be mad's two year checkup, many years ago, during which she was given six bricks and asked to build them into a tower. Having eyed them with total disgust for a couple of seconds, she then handed each one in turn back to the health visitor and wandered off.

We don't do stupid in my family. Apparently the health visitor asked whether Little G could talk (she had refused to speak other than to protest), but was interrupted by Little G who launched into a complicated explanation as to why she was giving up on the (hard) jigsaw she was doing and why she wanted an easier one

Evasive action is very much the name of the game right now, though Little G has always been good at avoiding answering stuff. I have been trying to find out what she gets up to at nursery since she started, age one. All I ever get told is: painting. And that she eats toast. That's it.

Recently she has advanced this to a higher level. Selective deafness has been added to the repertoire. And a recent inquiry by You must be mad as to how she spent her day elicited the response: 'I didn't do anything at all' which is now her standard reply to most questions.

Clearly a job in MI6 beckons.

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