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Little G is rapidly approaching her 2nd birthday, and so we are sidling up to another of the many targets that we both try hard to avoid. Honesty compels me to admit that I cannot remember You must be mad's progression from wearing nappies to not wearing them. Clearly it must have happened at some point.

I certainly recall being told by various female family members of the 'much-older-and-therefore-wiser-than-you' brigade that in their day, babies were 'dry' by a year, but hindsight is a deceptive mistress.

I doubted it then, and I still do

Be that as it may, Little G has been given a picture book by her Nursery called 'Monkey Business' from which it is clear that we, the hapless and hopeless, are being shuffled onto the developmental treadmill once again. This is not the first time that Little G has been 'targetted' ... see this previous post and I cannot help feeling that she is being made to fit into some arbitrary set of rules, regardless of whether she is ready to fit into them or not.

A fellow Gran, let us call her Sheila (that, after all, is her name) is currently going through 'potty-training'. She has to lug said receptacle around in a plastic carrier bag wherever she and Slightly Older G go. She has to ask SOG at 2 minute intervals whether she needs to use it.


As far as I am concerned, Little G and I already carry enough stuff around on a daily basis to start a left luggage office. I can't imagine a potty is going to be even remotely possible to fit onto the Purple Buggy. So I'm guessing this is yet another target we will fail to reach to the satisfaction of some authoritorial wonk.

But we'll get there. As we always do. In our own time.

To be continued ... .....

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