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Carol Hedges Gran

As Little G and I continue our adventures together, I am becoming aware of a slight problem.


She is a rather fetching child - ok, I am biased but I base the observation upon the number of comments I get every time I post a picture of her on Facebook, and the amount of people who try to engage with her in the street .... and here lies the aforementioned problem.

Little G is not a great engager. Whenever she is accosted by someone, she adopts a thousand yard stare and plays dumb. This, however does not put the person off.

They continue to chat to her, coax her, sometimes poke her playfully in the chest, until she responds

I find it hard to deal with. On the one hand, I don't want her to be rude - people are only trying to be polite after all, (except for the pokers) and if somebody smiles at her or says hello to her in the street, or in a shop, I try to encourage her to say hello back.

And yet, as soon as she is old enough, she will be told NOT to speak to strangers, or go with them, or get in their cars, or accept sweets or food from them. It's a hard, cruel world, sadly.

So how do I walk the fine line between insisting she is polite to adults, and making sure she does not grow up believing that every stranger she encounters has her best interest at heart?

To be continued ... .....

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