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Near, far, wherever they are, family members are so important. We have family as far afield as Australia, and many near to home. Holidays, parties, birthdays, anniversaries. All the wonderful get-togethers to celebrate, with the usual buffet, wine or cuppa. I've had some wonderful times with my family.


Paula and me 1979


There is the other side of the coin too. Sadness. I've had my fair share of sadness in the past 6 years. Our youngest sister, Ruth, died at the age of 52yrs, from breast cancer. Two years ago our dear Mum passed away at the wonderful age of 93yrs. But if she hadn't had breast cancer we are sure Mum would have received her telegram from the Queen. With the help of family, and of course friends, we do learn to live without these important family members at our side. Sharing memories. Some joyous, and some sad.

My sisters Irene and Ruth


When I lost my eldest daughter to cancer on November 1st 2012 I thought my world had at last come crashing down, and my faith gone. I had two daughters, and one step-daughter.Paula, Heidi and Sonia. I thought the three of them would always be there, to watch me grow old. So when Paula died after a two year battle, leaving a husband and two daughters, sister and half brother my world and all I knew of it was turned upside down. Shock, grief, sadness, even guilt. We are never prepared to lose a child. I shall never forget my daughter Heidi coming into our bedroom at 3.30am to say the words I dreaded.


Paula and Heidi


With the help of family, and some wonderful friends, we have all learned to cope with our loss. My sister Irene has continually prepared things for me to look forward too. Shows in London and Bristol, a trip to the Scilly Isles. Days out, treating me to lunch. And kind words of understanding from all my wonderful family. Not forgetting my wonderful husband, who has been my rock throughout the whole sad experience.

So, I'd like to raise a glass 'To family'. For without them I would have fallen and never got up again....Thank you to every one of them...I love you all.

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Rosemary Ann Smith
Who Am I?

I was born in London in 1946. Walked to school through Highgate Cemetery each day, as Brookfield School for Girls overlooked the cemetery. It's a place I've never forgotten. Did that experience lead me to love sitting in Churchyards writing poetry?! I think maybe it did. My mother remarried, and in 1959 we moved to Exmouth in Devon. To me Exmouth is home. I feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

I have written seven novellas set in Victorian times, each sprinkled with romance and mystery. This new found talent has helped me very much along the way. All seven titles are available to borrow in the library in large print.
The Amethyst Brooch
The Bluebell Wood
The Brooding Lake
A Stranger's Kiss
White Lace
Love in the Mist
The Butterfly Dance

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