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Sally Jones

Geoff and I have just returned to the UK after 5 weeks in the USA. We've possibly had the best 5 weeks ever.......the reason being, we became Grandparents in January and were so excited to be meeting our new Grandson, Harry for the first time.

Obviously, Carl and Heather (his parents) were amazing, sending us photos in the post and via email, and videos, and also we were lucky to use Skype for immediate interactive contact!!

Sally Jones

Proud grandparents and gorgeous Harry

I must admit that until we actually held Harry in our arms and snuggled him, he didn't really feel part of us.......but to be honest, once we met a strong feeling of love overwhelmed us both. I know that all Grandparents feel that their grandchild is the best......we certainly feel that way about Harry!!!

Sally Jones

No doubt about this!

Harry is now 4 months old and a good weight at just over 20lbs!! He's being breastfed so is obviously doing really well getting all the goodness from his Mum who is very careful with her healthy eating regime.

So......things are very different now to how we brought up our two boys back in the 80's......the biggest difference being sleeping on their backs, not their tummies.

Seemed really strange for me putting this adorable bundle down for a nap on his back......but that's the rule nowadays!! Maybe they'll revert back to their tummies at some point.....maybe not!!

Sally Jones

So happy holding you Harry!

Harry, like all babies in this day and age, has so much.......including an automatic all singing/dancing rocking musical crib!! Just by pressing a button you can choose a song, a vibration, (or both), how fast you want the rocking motion etc etc.......I'm sure we all remember the rocking motion which came from our leg firmly planted on the side of the crib, rocking and rocking until our little darlings were fast asleep.......exhausting eh ?!?!?


Sally Jones

Ha ha, I can gurgle better than you!!

Things that I once found a bit of a chore, like changing nappies were a real treat being a Grandparent!!! I seem to remember this was always done with utmost speed as both my boys would automatically start crying as soon as their nappy was removed......not Harry!!!! He gurgled and laughed his way through the whole thing.....with me gurgling and cooing back to him!!!! Bliss!!! Also, the cold wet wipes......well not so cold any more, as they were beautifully warmed in a small pot next to his changing mat!!!! cold wet bottom for our gorgeous boy......

Sally Jones

Look at my gorgeous grandson!

As I said earlier, we were lucky to have spent 5 weeks with our American family.....getting to know this new addition.....and loving helping with the many daily chores of bringing up a new baby. Surprising though just how exhausted we both felt at the end of each day.......albeit in a great way. This did mean however that each night we slept very soundly (even through the thunder storm one night!!!)

Sally Jones

How many more photos are you taking of me?!

We're now back to skyping until Carl and Heather bring Harry over to the UK for a 10 day visit in August. As you can imagine, we can't wait!! How will he have changed? Will he be sitting up? Will he be rolling over? Maybe crawling!!! He may well have cut his first tooth? So many things could be different..........only time will tell when we will be reunited with our little cherub......not so little though I'm guessing!?!?!

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