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Little G

Every day, Little G's nursery gives You must be mad a written summary of what she has been up to during her day. This is my version.

Name: L-Plate Gran Date: 4th Feb 2016

Breakfast: Banana

Amount Eaten: All, though at high speed as late leaving house due to earlier eyeliner mishap.

Lunch: Ginger chicken udon at Wagamama.

Amount eaten: Not much. Most of chicken filched off plate by Little G. Noodles ditto. Allowed to eat the bamboo shoots as she doesn't like them.

Tea: Peanut butter toast.

Amount eaten: Leftover crust after Little G gobbled it all.

I need more: Food, drink, sleep, energy, time management skills, hand:eye coordination first thing in the morning.

Today I have enjoyed: Laughs, smiles, cuddles, kisses, songs, rhymes, chats, walks, dancing in the kitchen, reading books, silly jokes & watching Clangers together on the sofa.

To be continued ... .....

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