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Tina B Mince pies

I usually make these every year and they are so delicious, they soon disappear!

You need a pack of puff pastry, 411g jar of mincemeat, castor sugar.

Tina B mince pies

Dust your work surface with some sugar and roll out the pastry to a long wide rectangle shape, about twice the size it was in the packet.

Mice pies

Spread all the mincemeat along the rectangle, leaving a small edge empty on the far side, then start rolling it up from the nearest long side. Press the pastry in tightly as you roll. Brush the far edge with milk, roll and press to seal.

Chill in the fridge for 30 mins, then remove and cut into rolls.

Tina B mince pies

Place each roll on a tin lined with baking paper - the mincemeat will stick to your tin otherwise - and flatten them slightly so they look like Chelsea buns.

You can freeze them uncooked, or cook at 180 for 20-30 mins.  I drizzle the top of mine with some icing too. See main photo.

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