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This is a recipe from the era of the First World War, which I discovered when researching the recipes for 'We That are Left'. I loved making this! It's a light and tasty way of using cooking apples, or eaters that are starting to go. It's bit like an apple soufflé. I added a little grated lemon rind to the apples for an extra zing. Lovely chilled for a summer's evening or warm as comfort food on a rainy day.

Looks too good to eat!

Pwdin Afal Pwdin Efa

Apple Pudding or Eve's Pudding



2 ozs. 60g Plain flour

2 eggs

1 oz 30g Sugar

Approx ½ pint 284ml Milk

1 ½ ozs 40g Butter

11b 500g Stewed apple



Melt butter in a saucepan, stir in the flour and add the milk a little at a time. Bring to the boil to make a smooth sauce. Pour into a bowl and add the sugar, a few drops of vanilla and the egg yolks. Then fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites.

Grease a pie dish, and cover the bottom with a layer of stewed apples. Pour the mixture over them and bake for three-quarters of an hour at 170c, Gas Mark 6



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We That Are Left


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