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I'm terrible at making a decision. I couldn't decide on something if my life depended on it.
 But it's not my fault, there's too much choice nowadays.

On a recent meal out with friends, the waitress asked what we'd like to drink. No problem there, I had a glass of red wine. Then she gave us menus to look at. 
I glanced at the huge list of food, and looked at my hubby. I could see what he was thinking - he knows how bad I am when faced with lots of choice. I looked down at the menu again and tried to select something. But what did I fancy?

What about steak? Yes maybe, but the fish sounded nice; hmm, so did the lamb.

'There's pork, darling,' hubby said, trying to help, 'you like pork.'

I looked at the pork dish - crispy free range pork belly from a local farm, with buttered spinach in a thyme sauce – ooh yes, that did look good. But then I spotted the chicken – free-range chicken breast and portabella mushrooms in a red wine sauce, with braised leeks – that sounded nice too.

By now, the waitress had taken everyone's order except mine. I looked up to see four faces staring at me expectantly.

I started to dither, knowing they were waiting.

'Come on, darling, the waitress hasn't got all evening,' Paul whispered, trying to hurry me up.

'Sorry, but it all looks so good.'

I smiled at the waitress who stood with pen and pad in hand. She had one of those practised smiles on her face, and I suspected she was probably gritting her teeth underneath it, and thinking, just get a move on will you!

I finally made a decision. 'I'll have the chicken.'

'Thank you, Madam, now what potatoes would you like with it? You can have new potatoes, jacket potato, roast potatoes, chips, dauphinoise potatoes, mashed potatoes or gratin potatoes.'


Now I was really flummoxed. My husband groaned, put his head in his hands, and muttered, 'Oh God we'll be here all night now.' Our friends laughed, and I just looked helplessly at the waitress.

'Oh, erm, well...' I tried desperately to think which would go best with red wine sauce. Then with a triumphant smile, I made my decision. 

'Can I have rice instead, please?'

We did enjoy the evening, and I had no room for dessert, which thankfully saved me from having to make another decision. And that's the problem; we are overwhelmed with too much choice. It would have been simpler if I'd only had a couple of main meals and side dishes to choose from.

It's not just food either; I'm the same with everything.

I go into a boutique and see a nice top, but it comes in six different colours, so I have to take them all into the changing room to decide which one looks best. Then I spot another top, which may look better than the first one, so have to try that too. Oh, but what colours does that come in? And so it goes on.

I guess I shouldn't complain really, it's nice to have variety; but if you're like me, it takes twice as long to order or buy anything.

Ah, but maybe that's the plan!

Because you can't make up your mind which one to have, you might buy both. So perhaps it is a good ploy on the shop's behalf. 

It certainly makes life interesting. Mind you, I don't think my husband would quite see it that way. He's great at decision making and can't understand why I have such a problem. Perhaps I should just let him choose for me from now on. 

Oh well, I'm off to make lunch, now what shall we have?

Meet The Author...
Tina K Burton
Who Am I?

Tina K Burton started writing seriously ten years ago, when she began a creative writing course. Within the year she was selling short stories to the women's magazines, and articles to various other publications.

Both her novels have been signed by Crooked Cat Publishing - Chapters of Life was released in August 2013, and made it into Amazon's top 100 bestseller list for its particular genre. The Love Shack was released at the end of July 2015.

She is currently writing her third book, about a girl who dies suddenly and finds herself back in the thirties.

When she's not writing, she loves to take her re homed greyhound for walks in Devon where she lives with her husband.

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