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 Rosy Good Friends

This is still true. Writers support for one another is immense!

I go back to the Exeter Chapter Lunches this coming week, after a year of not being able to attend because of panic attacks. I look forward very much to seeing everyone, and talking about writing romantic novels.

I've always gone it alone with my writing. Not out of choice, more a case of not knowing how to get in touch with other authors. Until I chanced upon the lovely author Margaret James who lives in my area.

Margaret invited me to the Romantic Novelist's Association chapter lunch in Exeter, where authors in the area meet once a month.

At these lunches I have met some lovely people, and also been to booksignings, where the level of support for a friend and her new book launch are immense.

To name but a few people I have met along the way, the authors Linda MitchelmoreSophie Duffy, Victoria Lamb, Jo Beverley, Anne Goring, Karen Hayes, Janey Fraser, Kate Furnivall, Carole Llewellyn, Michelle Jayne Heatley, Cathie Hartigan, Jan Cascarini, Tricia Maw and many others, including of course Margaret James.

We talk about our writing, and have a really jolly time.

It is wonderful to talk about romantic novels with like minded people, who are so friendly and supportive of each other. Between them they share so much talent.

I no longer feel alone in the writing world, and the amazing thing is, I have made some wonderful friends. A big thankyou to all of them ...


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Rosemary Ann Smith
Who Am I?

I was born in London in 1946. Walked to school through Highgate Cemetery each day, as Brookfield School for Girls overlooked the cemetery. It's a place I've never forgotten. Did that experience lead me to love sitting in Churchyards writing poetry?! I think maybe it did. My mother remarried, and in 1959 we moved to Exmouth in Devon. To me Exmouth is home. I feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

I have written seven novellas set in Victorian times, each sprinkled with romance and mystery. This new found talent has helped me very much along the way. All seven titles are available to borrow in the library in large print.
The Amethyst Brooch
The Bluebell Wood
The Brooding Lake
A Stranger's Kiss
White Lace
Love in the Mist
The Butterfly Dance

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