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Annie Burrows

Sometimes, I feel as if I'm living in one of those adverts for Specsavers. I'm contributing here today because, yet again, I've been mistaken for (the much more successful) author Annie Barrows.

I should just point out that I did explain to your oapschat moderator that I am not the co-author of "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society," nor "The truth According to Us", before I submitted this piece. Although I'm not sure the recent influx of new followers on twitter know this, since they do have a tendency to send me messages to let me know they have reviewed one or other of these books, and how much they have enjoyed it. Which is lovely to hear.

Though it would be even more lovely if they were tweeting about a book I have actually written!

But being mistaken for Annie Barrows does give me a lot of fun moments. You can't imagine how exciting it is to get invitations to attend book groups to talk about my work. Nor how thrilled I was to learn that Kate Winslett was to appear in the film adaptation of a work by Annie Burrows. Yes, a film, directed by Kenneth Branagh, no less!

Subsequently, the film was shelved for various reasons. Which was a real disappointment. To me, that is, I can't speak for Annie Barrows!

You wouldn't believe the number of fan letters I got on my website when her first adult book "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" came out. My family thought this was an absolute hoot. They actually bought me a copy of the GLand PP Soc for my birthday, as they thought I ought to at least have read it, if I was going to answer all those fan letters.

And a great book it is, too!

Annie Burrows

As will, probably, be "Magic in the Mix" which is a children's book, and for which google kindly sent me an alert only the other day.

So, by now, you're probably wondering who I am, if I'm not Annie Barrows?

Well, I am the much less well-known author Annie Burrows. Easy enough to mistake us, since there is only one vowel difference.

Except that, when you go to my website, you may notice that there is no mention, anywhere of The GL and PP Soc, nor any of the Ivy and Bean series, which Annie Barrows wrote for children.

Annie Burrows

Instead, you will find information, and buy links, to about 20 Regency romances published by Harlequin. You will also discover that I live in England, not America. And also that I look a great deal older and less sophisticated than the lady you recently saw interviewed on Breakfast Television.

So now it looks as though I'm going to have to buy Annie's most recent book. After all, if I don't know what's in it, how am I going to be able to reply to all the fan letters I'm sure to get?

I wonder if she'll ever buy one of mine? If you're out there, Annie BArrows, and are interested in my books, my next one is available to pre-order from Amazon here and will be on sale December 1st.

(No potatoes are peeled during the course of the story)

Meet The Author...
Annie Burrows
Who Am I?

A writer of light-hearted Regency romances for Harlequin Mills & Boon, I've sold over half a million copies of my books in twenty one countries of the world since 2007. (Just realized, my books have gone to more places than I have!)

I live very quietly in Cheshire with my husband of thirty-five years. When I'm not writing, I read anything I can get my hands on. Sometimes I do a bit of gardening, or bake the occasional cake. And I borrow my daughter's dog once a week, to have an excuse to go outside for a walk along the bit of the Trans-Pennine Trail near my home.

Once a month I meet up with a group of fellow writers, known as the Novelistas, in a pub in North Wales, where we talk about writing, and celebrate each other's publication successes. Someone always seems to have a reason to bring cake!

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