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My son told me about Georges Perec, a French author who wrote a 300 page lipogram which means he didn't use the letter e. As e is the most widely used letter I was fascinated by this. Here is my (much shorter) lipogram.



Snow falls softly, no sound. Wait, what's this? A fox looking for food, looks in a bag, rips it apart, finds chips. Knocks a bin, bin falls down noisily, sound now! Disturbs a man who shouts but Mr fox is hungry. Climbs into bin, knocking tins and rubbish onto path. A cat miaows, anxious not knowing what's around. Finding no food Mr fox slinks away.
Snow falls softly, no sound. A robin, tiny, light as air lands by bin, finds a tiny scrap of food. Cat is about, go quickly Mr robin.
Snow falls softly, no sound. A man, had too much to drink, falls on rubbish thrown from bin by Mr fox, stands up, slips, falls down. Angry man shouts " I'm trying to kip, shut up". Drunk stands up, skids and slips on snow, on his way now.
Snow falls softly, no sound.

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Shirley Barsby
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I am divorced with 2 children and 4 grand- children and I have a miniature poodle, Skippy, who chose me when I went to a rescue centre. I was a carer in the community for most of my working life, I now enjoy getting involved in my local community, walking Skippy and going to the seaside when I can.

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