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 Lipogram comp

Thank you to everyone who took part in my Lipogram Competition. Two winners have been chosen. It was a difficult decision for the judge who enjoyed reading all of your superb entries. Lipograms are difficult to write, but highly satisfying to complete.



A sandy beach


A run on a sandy beach was his idea of heaven, kicking up sand and splashing round in breaking waves. He found many rocks to nose around in, surprising baby crabs when snuffling round the rock, being surprised himself when a large crab poked his head up looking as if he was saying "leave me alone".

Moving further on a ball was discovered, such fun chasing, bringing back, chasing again. Fed up from running, a lie down in sand mesmerised by breaking waves, eyes confusing sky and sea. Off again, more playing and more fun, picking up seaweed , urgh awful, drop quickly!

Oh look, more dogs, a lovely game of chase, barking loudly, kicking up sand, running in cool sea, more chasing.
Owner calls, back on a lead, going home already? Walking proudly side by side, owner and dog.




A bee pollinating a flower in Spring

Spring Into Summer - WINNER!

It ought to be sunny during Spring,
But it is so cold with strong winds blowing through the trees.
White blossom fluttering down covers the ground like snow.
I long for the sun to shine once more.
To entice the summer flowers to brighten my life.
I love the outdoors with the flowers growing so quickly.

More pop up every week.
Yellow, red, purple, blue, pink.
Every hue you think of is growing so brightly.
Enticing the insects who feed hungrily.
Gently depositing pollen on every flower they visit.
Ensuring more seeds will be produced for the following summer.
The exquisite butterflies flutter everywhere.
Like winged flowers settling, until they see me
trying to focus on them.
Then they flutter out of my vision.
The good feeling inside when I do succeed.
The elusive butterfly in my photo collection.




Tower Bridge, London

Our Day Out

On Friday, David and I got up at silly o’clock to catch a train to London. Notting Hill was our final stop. Catching up with family was our aim.

Dry and bright it was a fab day, chatting, shopping, walking; it brought back thoughts of past occasions. Lizzy bought a handbag and I had a chat with a guy flogging paintings.

Hungry for lunch, Artisan Raw Food was our pick! Unusual and intriguing, I had Asian tapas, David bit into pizza, Jonathan had a portion of salad and Lizzy got stuck into sushi.

Off to look at a display of Brand and Packaging was fun for an hour or two until four o’clock and all that brings - passion fruit and choc slabs with hot infusions - a British classic.

All too soon, it was back to Paddington and a long trip to by train to finish our brilliant day out.




Helen Vereker Singers choir

 Music: Saviour Of My Soul - WINNER!

My world was in turmoil. Work was a worry; I was not finding comfort and tranquillity in this block of bricks and mortar I am living in; and I had nobody I could turn to. Sharing a drink and a chat was a joy that was missing. It was now a solitary survival. I was on my own trying to find ways to turn this situation around.

Singing was always my passion. Should I join a choir? Was this a good option? I did it!

What a night! What a crowd! Lots of songs, many familiar: slow, fast, happy and sad. So many words! Wow, what a buzz! What am I? I am a low: singing mainly harmony. I am a Diva!

At long last I can think straight: my world is not so bad. It is now full of music, gowns of black and sparkling bling.




Lots of books!


I am thankful to authors, as all your hard work allows us as individuals, to abscond from our boring day to day monotony. Any man or woman who can string words conjointly to form a story that can distract a mortal human from an ordinary survival; to a cosmos full of thrills, fantasy and/or illusion should gain our upmost admiration.

I always look forward to that part of day/night, starting a book, that allows my mind to slip away to an unfamiliar world which not too soon through narration long or short, turns into my sanctuary. To accomplish such commissions should fill you with abundant joy.

I can't impart how much books play a part in my growing into what I am today. So to all authors , thanks a million for sharing your artistic gift.




An exotic beach

Vital Modifications

I find his sock on the floor; it stinks of gouda with a touch of oily fish. I pick it up along with its collaborator and other dirty things such as, slacks, T-shirts, shorts and an unusual pair of wacky y-fronts. Can I stay with this man? Can I last a fortnight in his company? I think not. Holiday for two will not occur. I call to modify my booking.

‘I want to call off my holiday to Mauritius and book for Club Thirty in Thailand,’ I say.

‘That’s usually not for two. What about your companion?’

‘What companion?’ I say and tap a rhythm with my nails.


I would like to thank Margaret James for donating The Wedding Diary to Elaine Partridge and Magic Sometimes Happens to Sheila Khan. I am hoping to have another Lipogram competition later this year.

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