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sue rosser

Today I am interviewing Sue Rosser of www.suerosserart.com Sue is a very talented artist and I am delighted that she has agreed to answer some questions for us.

Did you enjoy art as a child?

I always enjoyed Art, and Mum tells me that I was really into drawing miles of washing-lines, mostly displaying socks, for some strange reason! ( I still love to see lines of clean, crisp washing fluttering in a stiff breeze, against a blue sky!)

Do you prefer drawing to painting?

I would once have said that I preferred drawing, every time. It took years to admit that this was because I was nervous of trying water-colour painting. But then I thought..''Let's give it a go! What the heck!''....and now I love working in both, and I also use Oil-pastels, and pastels--pretty much anything that will make the required type of mark, really!

How do you choose your subjects at any one time?

Sometimes I am given the subject by a customer, for instance a photo of a pet, etc., to work from. If the piece is one of ''my own'', then it often comes from a memory being 'sparked off', or maybe a stunning sight that moves me in some way...alsorts of things!

sue rosser art

 'The Team' Part of Farming, Animals and People Collection

 Do you get ideas from people watching?

Yes, I often get ideas from 'people-watching'--it's hours of fun, and very informative for someone who stores scenes away in their pictorial memory, as arty-types do! I like gentle humour, and people-watching is often a great source! It also helps to hone observational skills, too, so is extremely useful.

Are you always armed with a sketchpad when you go out?

I'd like to say honestly, that I never leave home without a sketch-book and pencil.....and I'm always telling others to do it....but I have an awful memory when it comes to things like this, so no, I do forget, and then curse myself!...But, luckily, this is where developing your ''seeing eye'' comes into its' own....simply, learning to really look closer and more carefully at things, and then ''log in'' the information to your ''seeing eye'' memory.

Who is your favourite artist and why?

I'm going to have trouble telling you who my favourite artist is.....I'm not very good at choices! I have always loved the Impressionists....can I have ALL of them please?--or is that greedy?! I love the immediacy of their expressions of what they were seeig....such vibrancy...wish I could do that!...especially the work of Monet.

How do you like to relax?

Well, I like to relax by having nothing 'domestic' pressing on my time, and being given a lovely, long, sunny day spent totally in my beloved garden, just me, the cat, the critters, and the plants. Heaven!! Failing that, I love music, dancing, and reading...and, obviously, working on a piece that's going well!

sue rosser art

'Relaxing In Bromyard' Part of the Humorous collection

Describe a typical day in your "art" life.

Well, I'm a bit rubbish at 'typical', but if it's going according to 'plan A' (a rareity!), then it's 5 mins feeding the birds, and getting some peace up in the garden, coffee, clear the decks of the domestic clutter of washing, etc., and then I have a clear run at it...hopefully! I'll then gather all the information for the customers' piece, set my work-space up, put some music on, and hopefully settle in! When it's summer, I like to work outside, under the sun-shade, so that I can hear the bees and the birds in the garden, which helps me concentrate. Lovely! I'm also something of an invetorate insomniac, so I often get mountains done whilst sensible people are sleeping, but at lst the 'phone doesn't ring, and you don't have to get shopping/jobs, etc, etc., done!

How did you become involved with illustrating a children's book?

I became involved in illustrating childrens' books about 5/6 years ago, when I was asked by a friend to illustrate a lovely book that she had written. That was the first one I did for someone else, although I did one for my first Nephew, when he was months old......hope his mum still has it! It's something that various people have been telling me I ought to try, for years...they were right! I love doing it!

sue rosser art

'The Bird Bath' Part of the Valentines Collection

What are your plans for the coming year?

Well, I'm hoping that my web-site will be helpful in showing folks what I do, and the plan is to up-date it regularly. I'm also working on a little series of illustrated short poems for kids, but that won't be in print until probably early next year. I've also joined the local Art group in Bromyard, so that I get to meet up with like-minded folks, and enjoy indulging my passion, and hopefully honing it, at the same time. Oh, and I'm also busy training my two-year old ''assistant'' up, too! ...She's coming along nicely--very expressive!--it's really never too soon to start on a life in Art.....that's what I think, anyway! It's about expression, and doing it for the love of it.

You can view more of Sue's work on her website www.suerosserart.com and contact her if you are interested in a commission.

Thank you Sue for your time and sharing your wonderful illustrations with us.

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