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Joy Lennick

Age, or rather ageing, is a strange concept to get your head around. Twelve-year-olds can't wait to be a teenager; teenagers can't wait to be eighteen or twenty-one...but many forty-nine-year olds seem terrified of reaching their half century: fifty!

An idle mind is a perfect vessel for fear

Then after the dreaded middle-age has passed (if you're lucky that is), there are those who live in fear of 'getting old.' Like everything else, it's all in the mind, of course. There will always be the much cliched half and full glass people around, come what may. So, how to escape the trap of fearing old age you may ask. Fear is a very palpable and strong foe, which I have come across several times in my life. Haven't you? The answer, as plain as the nose on our faces, is to square up to it – easier said than done -. but try we must. I am no psychiatrist or psychologist, but long ago realised that an idle mind is a perfect vessel for fear, and it will creep in uninvited whenever it can and completely take over. So, what's the answer? Simply keep busy. Doing what? you may ask if you're retired.

Everyone is good at SOMETHING!

Over the years, I've heard so many people say "I'm not particularly good at anything!" Rubbish. Everyone is good at something. We are all in this thing called Life, together and all need each other. The streets would stay dirty without the road-sweeper; the brain surgeon needs brains to mend. The lesser and the greater are necessary in equal measures, and are just as important as each other.

Jan Rosser

Jan at her desk!

Come on board Oapschat!

So, you're retired; work finished. What to do? Well, you could just give up and wither away. But how sad is that? Life is a precious gift, so learn how to make the best use of it, however old you are. For example, take this 'vehicle' oapschat. The 'brainchild,' Jan Rosser, obviously thought about the lonely and set to work to provide an outlet for people to use in one way or another. Feel like sharing your thoughts or ideas? Send a simple message to Oapschat. If you enjoy writing poetry or articles, let them wing their way in this direction. Can't even write a postcard? But can cook up a storm? Send Jan a recipe. NOW is the time to act. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Remember, today will never return...And so, whether your desire is to join a gym, take up knitting, judo, wrestling...palm-reading, bowling, or clog dancing, do it now and cock a snout at the passing of the years. I do.

P.S A dear friend of mine, who lived until she was well over 95, was still making her own pastry tarts when she was 93; and a friend has a cycling pal who manages several miles on his bike every day, and he's 91! So, what are you waiting for!


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Meet The Author...
Joy Lennick
Who Am I?

Most important 'jobs:' wife and mother to three sons. Hooked on reading and writing from a young age (wrote a simple play in junior school: acted on the stage). Joined the library at seven and that was it; the love affair continues...

First worked as a junior secretary, then secretary. Favourite job: A publishing company, Kaye & Ward in the City of London.

Apart from the odd poem, letter and article in magazines, and one poem read on Bournemouth radio, had various poems published in anthologies and won a few prizes. Ran my own Poetry Club for a while. Published: Celtic Cameos & Other Poems.

Factual books published: Running Your Own Small Hotel, & Jobs in Baking & Confectionery (Kogan Page Ltd., London), Updated two other author's books. As Biographer:Hurricane Halsey (True adventure), Memoir: My Gentle War; Faction novel: The Catalyst. Several short stories published in WordPlay anthologies (one winning lst prize through 'Writing' magazine as the best writing circle anthology of 2012 in the UK). A Group Leader for Creative Writing for the U3A group in Torrevieja, Spain.
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