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Joys of Red Wine

Large grapes, small grapes, all different types and sizes, blended into lovely lovely wines. Red, White, Rose, Sparkling, so many to choose from, such variety! How can one not like wine?

Back in 1974, I belonged to a wine club and was a member for 10 years

There were over fifty members and we all used to produce home made wines and take them along for other members to sample and judge. We also used to take along various cheeses and home made crackers to nibble with the wines and had so much fun. Monday evenings were certainly not for the faint hearted as some of the wines were indeed very potent, potato being one of the lethal ones! I made home made wine until the late eighties, and only gave up when the cost of the implements and time involved became excessive.

Reviving a great social occasion

A few months ago, a friend and I hit upon an idea to have a wine club at my house once a month. This usually consists of ten or more of us turning up by taxi with various wines and nibbles and we have a wine tasting session which can last until midnight. It is a great way to relax and socialise and learn about different tastes. We usually have at many different varieties. 

dinner party

And a great way to meet new people too

A club for anyone

Wines don't have to cost a fortune to be of a good quality. Take Laithwaites for example, an excellent company who I have dealt with for over twenty years. Their guarantee is one of the best I have found. If you don't like a wine for any reason, you have a refund or replacement! It's a great way to try new wines from lots of different countries. With an opening offer of twelve wines for less than £50, that takes some beating! The supermarkets also have lots of deals on all the time, so we certainly have lots of different varieties of wines to try. Just be aware that the bargains have to be sourced carefully. A recent survey found that half price wines are not worth their value, so take care when choosing. Fizz has certainly come down in price and a bottle of good Prosecco can be found for under £10. Many small wine merchants will deliver free within a reasonable radius of where you live and are often very knowledgable in helping you decide on a bottle.

There is now more wine drunk than beer and I can understand why. Wine is not served in pints, so the volume isn't as great. As one becomes older, this is important as night time trips to the loo are very annoying! Do however remember that red wines can cause migraines and whites can be very acidic.Everything in moderation as they say! As a way to relax, I can think of no better way to spend an evening!

What are your favourite wines or soft drinks?

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