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Dubrovnik Yvonne M

The view of the coast of Croatia as we approached Dubrovnic was breathtaking. The last time I had been there , the approach was from the road high above the town so the view from the sea was totally different.

The new bridge was a surprise, artistic and modern. The mountains rose behind it but the lovely bridge didn't seem at all dwarfed by them.

We sailed into the new port just to the South of the Old Town and once the ship was secure we disembarked and were coached to the town gate. There was a lovely view over the shore with the ramparts towering over the sea. Lots of small boat were bobbing in the little harbour and the sea was the bluest you could ever see

Just outside the gate, crowds were swarming around the many stalls selling fridge magnets, statuettes, hats and an assortment of goods to attract buyers but we didn't linger there, I was anxious to get into the town. I wanted to see if the damage done by the shelling during the war had ruined the buildings that had stood for centuries.

I must admit that I had cried when I heard the news that the Old Town had been attacked

Yes we could see the repairs by the colour of the plaster and bricks but it had been so carefully and skillfully restored it was still as beautiful as I remembered.

Dubrovnik Yvonne M

A welcome sit down!

By this time, the temperature was soaring and we just had to sit and take some liquid on board, anyway, people watch is one of my favourite pastimes. Believe me, there were plenty of people to watch. All too soon it was time to get back on board, so back to the coach.

It was good to get back to the ship and the cool air conditioning and there was the evening's entertainment to enjoy after our meal and the company of the friends we had made on board.

The next port would be Athens so we had a fair distance to sail so a good time for rest and relaxation.

To be continued........

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