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Sea Princess

 So there we were in the P & O waiting room in Southampton. I had dreamt about going on a cruise since I was a little girl.

Little did I know what my new husband of yesterday was keeping from me! The Sea Princess was having a deep clean because of a virus going round the ship and the company were doing all they could to keep the Mediterranean Cruise from 3 June to 17 June, 2006 on track. He kept going on the phone to our travel agent for news. They did not know anything, he got some info from news on TV! My longed for wedding day was perfect and now here was the icing on the cake - that big white wall I saw outside the waiting room was the Sea Princess, our home for 14 nights. The deep clean was successful !

We had our photo taken as we walked up the gangplank and were directed to our cabin. Champagne, chocolates and flowers awaited the honeymoon couple! Out steward when turning down our bed, left rose petals and single chocs each evening. How lovely.

There were 4 honeymoon couples on board and we all went along to a little group to talk about how we met and became married. There was one sweet young American couple who had love shining out of their eyes. It was lovely to see - God look after them.

There were 3 weddings due to take place on board. Full wedding groups, all the works, cake flowers etc.

We had chosen to be in a group of six at our dinner table and believe it or not one of the lades we were seated with worked in Marks and Spencer in Stirling - a small world or what! I still see Agnes in that same shop! On the second night at dinner my husband had given me a corsage for my dress and had placed a rose at each of the ladies places - quite romantic really!

We spent time getting to know our ship until we sailed into places such as Lisbon, Nice and Corsica - my favourite. In the evenings we had singers, etc and a lovely couple who sang songs and played the key board - the kind of music you could dance to. We had a little quiz which was a lot of fun also.

Our last stop was in Gibralter and then back to Southampton where we flew back up to Scotland. A holiday full of memories!

Photo of Sea Princess - copyright Princess Cruise Lines Limited

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