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Motorhome in England

A tribute to our motorhome:

Hello. My name is Bertha, and I am nearly 14 years old. I don't have parents, but have lived with carers since I was very young. My most outstanding features are my large eyes, which sometimes shine so much I've heard people call me "Bright Eyes". I rather like that. 

I also have a high forehead, with a long, fairly slim body. I think I prefer comfort to fashion, so I wear quite heavy rubber soled shoes, particularly when I go to new places. My carers like to take me to out of the way places where the paths are a bit rough and I know heels wouldn't work at all. I also have rather short arms, so that I can't always reach what I want to, and I do need help with some things I know others just take for granted. I can hold mirrors though so I can see what's happening, even if I can't reach. I rarely dress up to go out on these visits, preferring to stay in my comfortable and casual garb, sometimes, though, I do remember to wash properly, and make sure I'm fully prepared for our journey.

From my earliest memories it is these new places that have given me the most fun. I've been to beaches and rocky seashores, castles, big houses with huge gardens, and even a royal palace. I have played in water, always shallow though, and in snow. I wanted to build a snowman but my carers said they were too cold to stay any longer.

I have never had the chance to go to school, so I have had to learn all I can from other people I've met. I really want to try going out of the UK, as I know there'll be so much more to learn and many different people to speak to, if only I can understand them. Up to now though my carers have only had short holidays so they haven't taken me very far from home.

Looking back over the last 13 years, it hasn't a bad life so far, as my different carers really did seem to care for me, and generally liked me. However when I reached 13, in September, my carers changed, I think my old ones wanted someone younger, or at least different, but I'm used to change as this is the fourth set of carers I've lived with.

I am now with two ladies who seem to be about the same age as each other; I think they're both ancient, but I've never been any good at guessing ages

When I was young I heard my first carers reading the Alice in Wonderland books out loud to their children, and I remember how Tweedledum and Tweedledee looked. My two new carers, although they are both female, remind me of the Tweedles, so I will call them Dum and Dee. I think Dee retired from work last year, and Dum wasn't working anyway, so they decided to adopt me, and take me travelling....

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Meet The Author...
Sigi Conroy
Author: Sigi Conroy
Who Am I?

My name is Sigi, and I have been known to put in an odd article on this website. I am almost 62 years of age which means I get my state pension very soon. It may not be much, but like many of us-every penny helps. I am also arthritic, diabetic and generally falling apart but I was definitely alive last time I looked!

I worked for almost 40 years, 30+ in teaching mathematics to secondary students, and 6 years in retail with a village shop and then a Post Office. I am married, with one daughter, a son-in-law and 2 lovely grandchildren. When I'm not doing the school run, I volunteer as a magistrate, as a trustee of an educational fund, as a support teacher and as a fundraiser for the local Contact Centre- a safe place where chidren of estranged parents can meet with the parent/family they no longer live with.

The literary character I have most tried to emulate would be Mrs Doasyouwouldbedoneby, from Charles Kingsley's The Water Babies.

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