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My daughter and her friend both have 30th birthdays this year and they wanted to celebrate with a nice holiday. They chose a 7 day Mediterranean cruise followed by a 7 day all inclusive stay in a Majorcan hotel. Because of their visual impairments (Suzanne has only light perception and Louise has partial sight), they asked me if I would like to join them to be their guide.

As the holiday approached I began to get a little anxious about my role as their "guide" due to the fact that I have absolutely no sense of direction and not much common sense! However, I need not have worried because Suzanne and Louise both have very good memories and always knew better than I did which way to go.

The cruise ship was very informal with no dress code and a lovely friendly atmosphere. It was all inclusive but we did not overindulge even though though the food and drink were plentiful

The places we visited were Gibraltar, Cartagena, Valencia, Tangier, Motril and Palma. We all agreed that Gibraltar was our favourite destination, even though we booked ourselves on a dolphin safari boat trip and the only wildlife we saw was a seagull on the way back into port!  Because we didn't see any dolphins, we were invited to stay on the boat and go out on the next trip. I went out again and the girls went and had lunch while they waited for me to come back. It was another no show! I was so disappointed but hey ho, it was not to be.

There was lots of entertainment on the ship and we joined in the nightly quiz. We did very well too, almost winning on a number of occasions!

Hotel right on the beach!

The second week was spent in a lovely hotel with magnificent sea views. My role as a guide was tested quite a few times that week and we had lots of laughs on the way ...I wouldn't say we got lost often - it was more like finding alternative routes! We had a trip around the bay on a glass bottomed boat but we could not understand what the skipper was saying and we ended up disembarking in Magaluf which was only about four miles away. I had no idea which way I should go to take us back to the hotel, so we ended up trawling the seedy streets with shops selling lots of genital shaped souvenirs and being approached to have a cut price drink in one of the many bars and outrageous x rated clubs!

This was in the daytime and early season so I wouldnt like to be there at night when it is in full swing!                                                                                                                                                                    

Lou and Suzanne

Well we survived and had a great time overall and maybe we will do it again for their fortieth birthdays!

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