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 Fuerteventura (The Canary Islands)

Each year for the last nine,we have been lucky enough to get away for some winter sunshine in January. This year we went to Fuerteventura- a small windy Island in the Canaries. The landscape is not that attractive as consists mainly of volcanic rock, the sea is wild and perfect for surfing- not that we did! Although the temperature was between 18- 20 degrees,it felt less because of the wind but one thing was for sure we would not have been wandering around in tee shirts and shorts had we been at home in the UK!

As the Islands main source of income is tourism,there are many restaurants catering for every taste to include fast food, Indian cuisine and my particular favourite - fresh fish and Canary potatoes.

These potatoes are small and boiled in their skins but very heavily salted- something I would never do at home but what the heck I was on holiday!

Salt featured in my favourite fish dish as well.This was white local fish of some description,similar to cod,covered in a thick coating of salt and flour and baked in the oven. At the table it is doused in Pernod and set alight! The fish is perfectly cooked inside this covering and tastes delicious.

 Fuerteventura (The Canary Islands)

Dinner is served!

There is an abundance of Aloe Vera plants on the Island and this is another source of income as the juice is extracted and made into beautiful soap,shampoo and lotions.

The capital is Puerto del Rosario where the airport is situated. We stayed approximately 35 mins away in the north of the Island in a small town called Corralejo.

A car is a must if you are going to explore although nowhere is far away!

Lanzarote can be seen from Fuerteventura and is only a ferry ride away if you have the inclination to travel.We spent a lot of time enjoying Corralejo,walking along the beach and stopping for the odd coffee/ beer in the cafés along the way. All in all a very relaxed and lovely holiday.

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