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First of all before I start my article I must say that any link between me and a gardener is pure fiction.

I rely on others to give me tips on what to do and when to do it. Obviously I can tell when the lawns need mowing but on the question of plants etc I take advice. Although I wouldn't describe myself as a gardener I do like to see the garden looking tidy.

In the very early ninetees when we moved down to West Sussex from London, we had a bungalow that had a huge garden both at the back and the front. I was over twenty years younger then and had the energy and drive for the garden. The one I inherited was full of beautiful plants and shrubs already set and established so I just had to look after them.

We moved into my present place fourteen and a half years ago. The Garden was a quarter of the size of the bungalow but just enough to keep me busy. My dear Ellie used to help me with flowers etc. I have some nice shrubs like my Calistemen (bottle brush) and my lovely Clematis “Nellie Moser”.


 Trailing Nelly Moser Clematis



Calistemen (Bottle Brush)

The seasons very much dominate what I plant. I do like some colour even through the winter. Early dark nights and cold is enough to deal with, so a bit of colour brightens things up. Today my gardening has taken a different turn. I no longer have huge spaces as here where I am space is limited and I am 24 years older. I now tend to go for easy maintenance, but at the same time retaining some garden features. Many residents have paved over or put gravel down over their garden. As long as I am able to, I will carry on  doing what I am. People say you must be a good gardener. My response is that I just put the plants in the ground, it is then up to them whether they grow or not. My good friend at the nursery tells me what he thinks will be best and when to plant them. I rely totally on his advice.

Gardening for me is ok in small doses, I don't spend hours and hours outside but overall I do like to see it looking nice and tidy and that is the joy that I have in my little patch in the coutry. I enjoy what I have and whatever you have in your garden, enjoy it.

norman side garden

Variety Of Flowers Perfectly Planted!


norman side garden

Neat and Tidy Borders


norman side garden

Lovely Ferns In Pots

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Norman Turner
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I was born in August 1942. I have three sisters. My parents both died when I was in my early twenties. I started my career as a police cadet and became a police constable when I was 19 yrs old. After many jobs, I joined the Prison Service in 1969 and stayed 31 years. I was awarded the imperial service medal by HM the Queen for long and faithful service.I have four children from my first marriage and two step children from my second marriage to my dear Ellie. She passed away last February so now it is just me. I live near Littlehampton. My hobbies include golf, sea fishing and dancing(ballroom, line dancing and rock and roll). I also enjoy long walks with my little dog who is now my best friend and company.

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